6 Ways Inspirational Jewelry Will Make Your Day Better

6 Ways Inspirational Jewelry Will Make Your Day Better

From friendship bracelets to engagement rings to inspirational jewelry our grandparents bought us for our 21st birthday, jewelry is one of the most personal things we can wear. Unlike clothes, which change season to season or come in and out of fashion, jewelry is designed to last forever, especially when it’s crafted in a long-lasting material such as gold or stainless silver.

Wearing jewelry with a message is a great way to not only accessorize but also to carry a phrase you hold literally close to heart. And when you’re having a tough or busy day it’s nice to be reminded of your goals in life, or even just to smile. Need proof? Here are five reasons wearing jewelry with inspirational sayings will make your day better:

  1. They give us strength.

When we’re doubting ourselves and need positive reinforcement, there are a few things that can help us recall how awesome we actually are: talking to a friend who loves us, reminding ourselves of our accomplishments, or perhaps a favorite quote. This women’s or men’s inspirational necklace comes engraved with a quote that says: “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.” What could be more uplifting than that?



  1. They remind us to be patient.

Sometimes we struggle to stay calm with others and are impatient with the people around us. No wonder, seeing as we live in such a busy world. But if we just take a deep breath and try being patient, it can not only calm us down, it can also help us to look at the big picture and help us improve our relationships. Crafted in sterling silver, this necklace reminds us to be strong and resilient, and to know that things don’t always have to happen on our schedule.


  1. They remind us never to give up.

Life can be pretty difficult, so sometimes it feels like there’s no point in trying, and we feel like abandoning our plans. Or other times we make mistakes and it feels too late to turn around and change. But even if it’s hard, we can definitely achieve what we need to, and having a reminder around, like this semicolon charm bracelet, can be the push we need:


  1. They remind us we’re loved.

Love is a complicated thing; it’s nothing like the Disney movies show us, unfortunately. But no matter what you think about it, it’s true that all of us are loved, and a piece of hand-stamped jewelry is a beautiful way to remind ourselves of that. This wolf necklace is a good example of interesting men’s necklaces and would make a lovely gift as well.

mens beaded necklace


  1. They allow us to share the causes we believe in.

Simple silver jewelry is more than just a way for us to share our style; it’s also a way for us to demonstrate our values. This inspirational saying bracelet features a Breast Cancer ribbon to not only pay respect to the women who have suffered from breast cancer but also to show our support for those who are currently battling it.


  1. They remind us how important our friends are.

There’s no doubt that it’s the people who make life amazing. Our friends are the ones who help us when we’re down; who deal with us when we’re depressed; and who make us laugh and have fun with us. Engraved silver jewelry, like this adjustable bangle etched with a quote devoted to friendship, is an inspirational gift for the best friends in life. or a customizable name necklace


More than just a pretty object, inspirational jewelry with a message can signify both to ourselves or to others what we stand for and what we believe in. They can also be powerful reminders of our purpose in life, and help us through tough times. Regardless of whether we prefer it in bracelet or necklace form, there’s no doubt inspirational jewelry can be a beautiful way to be better human beings.