7 Ways to Pull Off the Man Bracelet

7 Ways to Pull Off the Man Bracelet

Manlet? Macelet? Mangles? There seems to be a trend to blend the word ‘man’ with every piece of jewelry that comes by, as if men aren’t allowed to just, you know, wear jewelry because they want to.

Fleur De Lis Bracelet-Minimalist Leather Men’s Bracelet

Bust trust us: with summer on its way—or at least spring, if the weather cooperates—it’ll soon be time to stop wearing sweaters and to bring out the wrist candy. And while a watch is great, there are only so many watches you can wear (have you ever seen anyone wear two?). A bracelet adds a subtle hint of style, and the best part is, you can wear as many as you like. Here are some of our favorite ways to wear men’s bracelets:

1. Layer them
As mentioned above, the fun thing with bracelets is you can wear two, three, four or more. To keep it from being too overwhelming, try to wear a similar style of bracelets—all bike chain bracelets, for example, or all men’s leather bracelets. If you do prefer to mix and match your styles, keep the majority of them similar and pair it with just one contrasting style. Or, if the rules are too much for you, find a men’s bracelet that does the work for you, like this multi layer leather design that comes with a vintage look:

Men Bracelet- Multi Layer Leather with Vintage Dragon Charm

2. Wear double metal
Double metal = double trouble. If you think it’s only possible to wear gold or silver, then think again. Combining metals not only makes for a stylish look, it makes your jewelry more versatile since it will be able to match with more outfits. It also announces you have the confidence to not play by the rules. This men’s leather bracelet is one of our favorite ways to mix metals, thanks to its masculine braid and tonal metal accents.

Double Layer Leather Bracelet Magnetic Buckle for Men

3. Try the tribal look
If you’re the more bohemian type, perhaps a more free-spirited piece would be more your style. Whether you prefer lava beads or a woven leather look, tribal bracelets for men add free-spirited flair to your outfit, and are perfect for stacking or layering. This men’s lava stone bracelet features a stretch cord and appealing metal accents. https://www.surewaydm.com/shop/mens-jewelry/mens-bracelets/mens-bracelets-lava-stone-beads-bracelet/

4. Sail away
Whether your style is naturally preppy or not, there’s no denying nautical bracelets are having a moment. A trendy way to adorn your wrists, this men’s anchor bracelet brings a casual touch of color to any outfit, thanks to its navy and red cord. The best part is it’s adjustable, so it can be arranged to fit anyone.

Anchor Rope Bracelet-Anchor of Hope Bracelet

5. Keep it utilitarian
On the other hand, if you’re a more down-to-earth kind of guy, you might prefer a no-nonsense piece of men’s jewelry. This bike chain bracelet in stainless steel comes with a dash of industrial cool, but is sophisticated enough to wear with a suit.

Silver Bike Chain Bracelet for Men

6. Inspire yourself
If you’re after something more meaningful, don’t be afraid to wear something that represents your values. This inspirational Christian men’s bracelet features a sleek, masculine leather band with an etched metal plaque for a fashionable way to stay true to yourself.

7. Wear things with an edge
Style is all about experimentation and personality, so it’s always nice to wear something that’s a little different. This steel wire bracelet is perfect for the dapper gentleman with a streak of punk, thanks to edgy metal skulls that adorn the edges. Available in gold or silver.

Stainless Steel Skull Bracelet – Skull Jewelry