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Men’s Cool Necklaces – Meaningful Necklaces for Guys

Men’s necklaces are in right now, if the runways are anything to go by. The good news is, there’s a men’s necklace to suit every style and occasion.

Don’t know where to start? Men’s pendants are the answer if you want to spruce up your style. They’re casual and effortless, and are an easy way to show your personality. In summer, take your cues from celebrities such as Ryan Gosling or Aaron Paul—both style icons who are fans of wearing men’s necklaces—and wear a crewneck or a V neck t-shirt with a light blazer and a men’s pendant necklace. Pick one that speaks to your style—if you favor yourself the gothic kind, men’s sterling silver necklaces are your answer, especially ones that comes with a fierce dragon pendant and are adorned with black or clear crystal. If you want to add a dose of attitude to your outfit, or think you’re edgy and maybe just that little spiritual as well, you could go for a men’s sterling silver necklace with a metal wolf head amulet and fang-shaped natural opal. Hung on a leather strap, it’s subtle and sophisticated and the perfect men’s sterling silver necklace for the modern rebel.

Otherwise, if your style is more classic, you can’t go past men’s 18k gold chains for a stylish addition to your outfit. Paying homage to the tradition of hip hop, these men’s necklaces feature an angel or a lion’s head pendant. Complete with cubic zirconia details, they’re the perfect complement to both a tailored suit at night or a relaxed t-shirt during the day.