Jewelry to Wear to the Beach

Jewelry to Wear to the Beach

Summer is the perfect time to play with your look and have fun with your accessories because the less clothing you wear, the more skin there is simply begging to be adorned. Better yet, with beach jewelry like body chains and anklets for you to accessorize over your swimwear, looking chic at the beach has never been easier.


Bikini jewelry makes all the difference when creating a look. These delicate pieces draw attention to the beautiful body in the suit by accentuating it with delicate chains, pretty charms and bright jewels that sparkle in the dazzling sunlight. They also look great in the water, swirling around in the waves as you wade around, and because they’re designed to be loose, you won’t get all tangled up if you want to move around and go for a swim.

While silver is the top material and color due to its classiness and versatility, beaded beach jewelry is also popular because it’s fun, doesn’t get too hot in the sun, and it’s not too precious to risk losing in the sand. Some have even been made from sea shells – a funky touch adopted by beachgoers and supermodels alike.


Body Chains – What Are They?

Initially worn in Vegas and Hollywood by celebs, draped over glamorous red-carpet outfits and even regular day-to-day outfits, body chains are perhaps best shown off when layered on top of bikinis and swimsuits at the pool or beach.

They are simple yet gorgeous chains, identical to link bracelets (only much smaller and more delicate) and are generally worn wrapped around you like a harness. They come in endless styles, lengths and colors; allowing you to pick the kind that suits you and mix and match them with the various designs of swimwear out there.

There are styles that are worn underneath crop tops, draped over clothing, through the straps of your swimsuits and hanging over your sides to accentuate your curves, and belly chains that circle your hips. The most simple and popular to wear with bikinis are the crossover harness, which has been popularized by Rihanna, and the choker waist harness, which Rosie Huntington has taken a liking to.


Anklets to take on Vacation:

Made especially for the Summer, ankle accessories go perfectly with sandals and sundresses. You can get charm ankle bracelets made out of various materials - gold, silver, leather, plastic and nylon; with beads, seashells and anchor charms for added beach flair.


Worn loosely around the ankle, or tightly fitting on the lower leg, they are often paired with toe rings. However, this is unnecessary with some designs, like barefoot anklets, which consist of a string fastened at the ankle and then stretching along the bridge of the foot, ending in a toe ring; thus imitating a barefoot sandal, only without a sole.


These, like body chains, are very popular with celebrities and have been spotted on people like Jennifer Lopez at the Golden Globe Awards, Ashley Olson at a Santa Monica art gallery, and once again, pop diva Riri, who has posted pictures wearing the trendy accessory on Instagram.


Now that you know why celebrities have made delightful beach jewelry an essential part of their wardrobe, you can go out and make waves this summer with these fun, bright and carefree accessories.

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