Buy Hypoallergenic Earrings and Jewelry

Buy Hypoallergenic Earrings and Jewelry

Eczema, hives and dermatitis are some of the more commonly known skin allergies that plague the human skin and man are they bothersome! They cause irritation and leave us feeling frustrated at having them flare up at all-which is understandable. Nobody wants flawed skin, after all, society frowns on that, and admittedly, we feel most beautiful when we have healthy skin. Who doesn’t? So, how do we prevent these allergies from ruining our skins, simple, we learn what causes them. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Find the cause, and eliminate it-but, the causes of our skin irritations can diverge from our level of sensitivity to a specific element. This can be pollen in our surroundings, chemicals, from your favorite perfume and even the type of material your jewelry is made from. That’s right. Something as simple as your earrings or jewelry can be causing your break out, but before you throw out all your jewelry, read the following to be aware of how you can buy hypoallergenic earrings and jewelry that will not impede your ascent into the world of model with your unblemished skin.


Buying Hypoallergenic Jewelry Tips:


1- Avoid Nickel

Nickel makes up a relatively low percentage of sterling silver jewelry (an estimated 7.5 percent), but it is high enough to trigger an allergic reaction from your skin. Due to its affordability, it is often used with other metals in the jewelry making process and so the risk of it encountering your skin is high. Many persons who have never experienced an allergic reaction from other metals may show reactions to the nickel in their jewelry and have skin break outs. A great number of people also remain unaware of their own allergic reaction to the alloy. One of the surest ways to avoid nickel and jewelry it is based in is to buy stainless steel, sterling silver, platinum and gold jewelry.


2- Choose Non-metal Jewelry

Remember the days when you were younger, and you made friendship bracelets made of beads and other non-metal materials that didn’t cause you to have skin flare-ups? Guess what? It is still fashionable to wear non-metal jewelry in adulthood and you have options that are not just limited to beaded jewelry. There is leather, cloth, glass and even plastic. Yes, that list is extensive. Most chokers are even made from leather, in keeping with the latest fashion trends, so there is no need to fret about not being fabulous when you wear jewelry that is not made of metal. You’ll not only look good, but your skin will also thank you for sparing it from the metals that you are allergic to.

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3- Conduct a Test

Prevention is better than cure! Sure, it is exciting to rush out and finally buy that sterling silver or gold necklace that you have always had your eye on, but remember, you are not aware of how your skin’s chemical will react to the metal when it is placed around your neck. So many people buy jewelry and wear it out of the store without any thought as to how it may affect their skin. They usually find out the hard way that they are allergic to the metal that was used to make the jewelry. You can prevent this by testing how well your skin reacts to the metal. However, you don’t want to go and buy a chain and wear it around your neck to test it, this would be defeating the purpose if it turns out you are allergic to it. The recommended method is buying a ring and wearing it on your finger for several days until you notice, if any, changes your skin shows after contact with the metal.


4- Think Long-Term

The best way to protect your skin from allergic break out from metals is to buy hypoallergenic jewelry. Platinum and gold jewelry fall under this heading. Now I know what you’re thinking, these are expensive and will probably blow through a hole in your pocket if you go ahead and make the purchase. Think of it this way, when you buy the cheaper jewelry that is non- hypoallergenic, you will have to spend money to go to the doctor to relieve the itch or mark that the allergic reaction cost, and you won’t be able to wear the jewelry that you bought. Now why would you buy something that you cannot wear? When you could have made a one-time purchase, and gotten the platinum jewelry that will undoubtedly last you for a lifetime. Quality is always better than quantity. Make the right decision for your skin.