The Complete Guide To Buying A Designer Jewelry

Women love jewelry from ancient times. Jewelry enhances the beauty of every woman. And it is an important part of the daily attire. Jewelry is a trend that never gets old. Whenever you choose jewelry and accessories, make sure that it should compliment your style. Designer jewelry is delicate, appealing, and elite. You can customize it according to your penchant. You can also select designer inspired jewelry for a more budget friendly choice. Are you planning to buy some trendy...

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Most popular bracelets for women of all times

Most Popular Bracelets for Women of All Times

Bracelets for women is an obsession that you may have started since high school; Wearing and buying charm bracelets, collecting each pendant to accentuate our personalised styles. That was an obsession for us and who could blame us? The colourful and shiny jewellery was enough to attract any woman’s attention, let alone a teenager. Years later, the shiny women's charm bracelets still manage to catch our attention and remain one of the most popular bracelets style. Our ages may...

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5 Dos and Don’ts When Buying Beaded Bracelets

Beads Bracelet for Women Buying Tips: These beads bracelet for women buying tips apply for men and couples bracelets too! Beaded bracelets are more than just a piece of jewelry; they are a fashion accessory that celebrates and treasure special moments in the wearer's life. The colors of the beads and the charm is reflective of one's likes and personality, or a memento from a big milestone. While traditional bracelets with dangling charm once dominated the market, 2 new styles,...

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Blog-red crystal necklace

The 12 Way Guide of How to Wear a Choker Necklace

In recent times, the choker necklace has become the trendiest jewelry piece. Choker necklace is one adjustable accessory that has taken over the fashion world. This jewelry piece is one that can easily make any of your style chic and cooler. There are different choker necklaces and distinct ways of how to wear a choker necklace. If you are interested in smart ways to style chokers, kindly stay glued and you will find out soon. Casual Days Chokers are a great way...

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The Symbols Behind Charms Bracelets for Women and Men

If you are a lover of charm bracelets for women, you know how good it feels to have one on your wrist. Oh, my God! That good feeling. You sure know how it feels to add that new special charm to your bracelet. For starters, charms mean various things to different people. It may symbolize a special memory, celebration, or achievement. They make such a great conversation starter. Check out our Queen Crown Beaded Bracelet- Love Charm Bracelet   With the world as...

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Getting Inspired With Street Style Jewelry

Street Style Jewelry for Spring 2020 In a few months time, that season will be upon us again! That season that keeps us awake. That season that makes one lose sleep. Yes, the spring season. By now, most of us have started losing some sleep thinking about how to update our wardrobes for the warmer months ahead and be in line with the latest fashion with Street Style Jewelry. Refurbishing your jewellery collection can be one of the easiest, if...

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infinity silcer bracelet

The Infinity Jewelry: Its Meaning and Symbolism

Over the years, the infinite symbol has become incredibly popular in terms of design for jewellery, tattoos and artwork. It is a popular trend because of its beautiful meanings and elegant designs. Infinity bracelets and necklaces make such a great statement to our outfits. Many people like adding pieces of infinity jewelry to their fashion accessories collection. Most of us know the infinity symbol is like a sideways figure of eight. Nevertheless, infinity jewellery is one of the jewellery in...

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women silver thigh chain beach jewelry street style

3 Ways to Look Hot for Your Summer Beachwear

What does summer remind you of? Sun, sand, ice creams, friends and their bubbling laughter in the air. The arrival of Summers might fill you with the excitement to enjoy your most favorite activities under the bright sun. But as soon as it reminds you of getting rid of your second skin to reveal a bloaty and unfit frame you hate it with all your gut, don't you? Rising temperature in summer is directly proportional to the urge of...

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Jewelry for Every Type of Summer Dress Neckline

Deciding ways to spice up your summer dress is not rocket science. However, there are several ways to spice up your summer dress in a classy manner for business and personal events. What you simply need is just some pieces of jewelry. The problem is that it is kind of challenging to pick the correct ones that compliment one’s dress without having to cause distraction. Besides deciding which accessories can be matched perfectly with your dress neckline is even...

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Silver String Anklet, Elephant Charm Ankle Bracelet

Silver Anklets and Shoelaces for Sexy Footwear

We all love jewelry and fashionistas keep coming with creative ways to wear them. There are two easy ways to accessorize your feet and legs for an attractive and trendy look: 1- Wear an anklet to turn attention to your legs: When wearing your anklet, just ensure that you pair it with some stunning shoes. It should never conflict with your footwear instead of that it should complement whatever you are wearing on your feet. Silver string Anklets look especially compelling...

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