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5 Ideas to Wear Religious Jewelry with Style

  No matter what religion we are, or what—or who—we believe in, wearing religious jewelry can add a nice, meaningful touch to our style that goes beyond the superficial. Religious jewelry, after all, is an accessory that’s highly personal, and often reflects a story of something that happened to us, or marks a meaningful occasion in our spiritual journey. From baptisms to bar mitzvahs, people often also give pieces of religious jewelry, often bracelets or necklaces, to mark important milestones in...

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7 Tips to Help Us Show Love for our Pets

From cats to dogs, turtles and rabbits, humans have a long history of keeping animals as pets. And why shouldn’t we—research has shown that owning a pet can help with depression and wellbeing. It’s not just on a psychological level either; socializing even helps to strengthen our responses to disease and infection. Humans are a social species, it seems. It’s also clear that we shower our pets with as much love as our human children. So if you’re the kind...

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