Best Jewelry for Plus Size Women

Best Jewelry for Plus Size Women:Jewelry is something personal to many women. It extends style personality. It gives your look something special.However, shopping for jewelry is not really good experience for some women. This is probably because not everyone is the same body size. We all differ in body sizes.Maybe when you try on a pendant, it does not fit well. You spot a stunning ring and try it on, disappointedly; it is too tight. Or you want to buy...

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king queen beaded bracelet set

Couples Jewelry for Valentine’s Day – Gift Guide

No matter, how many days or months you are together, Valentine’s Day is still a special day for spending some romantic moments with each other. This is also that time of the year when you shower each other with gifts along with lots of love obviously.For many, it is not only a special day but also a creative outburst as couples are always planning for what special things can be done, from much before. You, as a couple, might...

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9 Ear Piercing Styles

Ear piercing looks unique and diverse on you. It is the perfect way to change your look without investing in the longevity of a tattoo. Whether you choose dainty studs or jewels, adding a new piercing style to your regular beauty look can make all the difference.Before you decide to go for an ear piercing, keep these things in mind.Placement of the spot. Choice of the earring or stud.For choosing simple yet trendy earrings or studs you must...

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How to Wear Ankle Bracelet for Women

Ankle Bracelet: The Meaning and Guide to Wearing it Anklets are a fantastic accessory for spicing up our casual attire. Whether you are an expert to wearing ankle bracelets or a complete novice, you have come to the right place.Before we look into the best tips to wear anklets, we have to establish the story behind it. Prepare your seatbelts people, we are going on a journey!!Anklets in the Eastern culture traces back to ancient times. They were discovered in Sumerian...

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Etiquette 101: The Do’s and Don’ts of Jewelries Wearing

In a world where anything goes, one could easily get away with anything; especially where style is involved. In spite of this, it is important to be aware of the appropriate rules of accessories wears. Use of accessories is a fashion choice that can make or mar your fashion sense.Knowing the necessary ornaments etiquette can move an attire from boring to mind-blowing. Wearing the right accessories in an appropriate manner will help convey a fashion statement.Black Gold Ring- Contemporary...

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5 Styles of Earrings for Men Guaranteed to Impress Women

Earrings are an underrated accessory that brings joy, light, and sparkle to your face. Earrings for men bring a sense of mystery and wonder to a man. It is an accessory that most women love on men! We all love a bad boy and earrings help men say that. There are a few different styles out there that you can try. Keep in mind that not all styles of earrings are going to suit everyone. You need to play...

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Accessorize with The Best Body Chain Jewelry

Are you looking for the latest in fashionable jewelry? Body chains are coming back with a vengeance and this is one trend that can suit any body type, any personality and will help you create your latest fashion statement. We are going to show you some gorgeous pieces that are going to uplift your collection. Body chains are a great way to finish off an outfit and they are so versatile. One chain can change the look of your...

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Layered Body Harness Chain- Beach Jewelry

Best Jewelry to Rock at The Beach

Jewelry isn't just for evening wear or fancy occasions. Planning on going to the beach? Then you may as well do so with style. Jewelry always bolsters your look, adding extra pizzazz to your outfits that are sure to turn heads, even bathing suits.The best jewelry to rock at the beach is meant to accentuate your swimwear not overshadow it. Your choice of jewelry should resonate with the beach feeling and vibe.  A lot of people may want to leave behind their precious...

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5 Reasons Why Sterling Silver Earrings Are A Girl’s Or Guy’s New Best Friend

5 Reasons Why You Should Stick with Sterling Silver Jewelry! Are you one of those people who think Sterling Silver earrings are too expensive? Or how sterling silver jewelry never seems to discolour? Sterling silver earrings are an investment for a lifetime of style.  We are going to explain to you the benefits of Sterling silver. You can get most jewelry styles in sterling silver such as sterling silver earring studs, necklaces, hoops and more. Here are some of the...

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Dainty Black Stud Earrings For Women

What to Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner 2018

The Best Thanksgiving Outfits for 2018: Are you trying to figure out what to wear on Thanksgiving Day? Look no further as we are going to help you plan your perfect Thanksgiving outfit that will include a few jewellery pieces to finish off your overall look. Keep in mind that you can either dress up for the occasion or you can wear a simple dress that looks cute, elegant and is still comfy. 5 Cute and Comfy Thanksgiving Outfits: 1-Thanksgiving Dress: Thanksgiving outfits...

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