5 Essential Pieces of Jewelry Every Woman Should Have

A statement piece of jewelry can transform any ordinary outfit into an extraordinary look. According to international jewelry designers, women should focus on a mix of pieces that can work together; then, add a couple of pieces that really are standout items, in terms of color, or of volume. Here is the list of the five precious accessories that should be in every woman’s wardrobe. 1. A Pair of Stud Earrings These are often considered the most essential piece of jewelry...

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Gold Plated Charm Bracelets Jewelry

If you are contemplating buying gold plated charm bracelets or other plated jewelry but aren’t quite sure how the pros weigh up against the cons, then you’ve landed on the right page. Here, we’ll investigate the most important aspects to answer the question: Should you buy plated jewelry?  What is Plating?In general, plating is the process of covering the surface of a metal or alloy with a layer of another, typically more rare and expensive type of metal, e.g....

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Top Jewelry Trends for 2017

It was a year in which we saw some major political, economic, military, and cultural events take place. But of course, the most interesting events of 2017 are, by far, the top jewelry trends that emerged, especially the ones that remain trendy today. Here are some of the most unique, stylish and exquisite developments that took place in the world of fashion, and what jewelry experts had to say about them.Stacking RingsWhat began with the layering of clothes,...

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Beach Jewelry Trends

Beach Jewelry TrendsSummer is the perfect time to play with your look and have fun with your accessories because the less clothing you wear, the more skin there is simply begging to be adorned. Better yet, with beach jewelry like body chains and anklets for you to accessorize over your swimwear, looking chic at the beach has never been easier.Bikini jewelry makes all the difference when creating a look. These delicate pieces draw attention to the beautiful body in...

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Lava Stone Bracelets with Healing Properties

If your life is a hot mess, maybe you need something hotter to fix it. I’m talking about volcanic lava stone bracelets and jewelry. Not only is it a product of searing, molten lava, with fantastic metaphysical and healing properties, but wearing the gorgeous jewelry will sure turn you into a scorcher yourself.Lava stone bracelets and other kinds of lava jewelry are made from the stone beads that we acquire from volcanic eruptions. But before we get to the interesting...

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Tiger Eye Bracelets and Jewelry

Tiger’s Eye Stone Jewelry Beautiful crystals and stones are often incorporated into jewelry designs such as rings, bracelets, and pendants because of their aesthetic value, symbolic meanings, and special properties. A wide range of accessories have been made from one such stone, the Tiger’s Eye Stone, and it continues to be popular in jewelry today.  What does Tiger’s Eye stone look like?The Tiger’s Eye Stone is a brown crystal that has striking bands of yellow-golden color running through it, making for...

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Skull Jewelry for Ultimate Bad Boy and Bad Girl

The skull is among the elite in the realm of ancient symbols. Instantly-recognizable. Domineering. Powerful. With such potent characteristics, it’s understandable that mankind has been powerless to resist incorporating it into just about every form of fashion; for every kind of person. It has become commonplace for people to wear jewelry made from skeletal bones and metallic skull bracelets, skull necklaces and other such accessories, reflecting how the symbol has been embraced as a vital part of fashion. Together,...

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7 Ways to Pull Off the Man Bracelet

Manlet? Macelet? Mangles? There seems to be a trend to blend the word ‘man’ with every piece of jewelry that comes by, as if men aren’t allowed to just, you know, wear jewelry because they want to.Fleur De Lis Bracelet-Minimalist Leather Men’s BraceletBust trust us: with summer on its way—or at least spring, if the weather cooperates—it’ll soon be time to stop wearing sweaters and to bring out the wrist candy. And while a watch is great, there are...

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5 Ideas to Wear Religious Jewelry with Style

 No matter what religion we are, or what—or who—we believe in, wearing religious jewelry can add a nice, meaningful touch to our style that goes beyond the superficial. Religious jewelry, after all, is an accessory that’s highly personal, and often reflects a story of something that happened to us, or marks a meaningful occasion in our spiritual journey. From baptisms to bar mitzvahs, people often also give pieces of religious jewelry, often bracelets or necklaces, to mark important milestones in...

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7 Tips to Help Us Show Love for our Pets

From cats to dogs, turtles and rabbits, humans have a long history of keeping animals as pets. And why shouldn’t we—research has shown that owning a pet can help with depression and wellbeing. It’s not just on a psychological level either; socializing even helps to strengthen our responses to disease and infection. Humans are a social species, it seems. It’s also clear that we shower our pets with as much love as our human children. So if you’re the kind...

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