10 Essential Pieces of Jewelry Every Man Should Own

There’s nothing manlier than owning your own sense of style, whether that’s through your clothes, your shoes, your accessories, or even your jewelry. But don’t know where to start? From cross necklaces to high end hip hop jewelry to lava stone bracelets, here are the ten styles you should own—or at least consider—to build up your men’s jewelry style wardrobe. 1. The leather bracelet Always a classic, the men’s leather bracelet is an essential starting point for men looking to expand...

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How to Choose the Right Earrings for Your Face Shape

Many women start shopping for earrings and they have no idea what kind of earrings look good on them and what they can wear. Understanding the shape of your face will really get you to think outside of your boundaries and then choose the right earrings you never thought you could wear.Understanding the chart below is easiest way to try and figure out some of the earrings that you can wear that you have probably didn’t think you can wear...

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9 Ideas to Update Your Outfits with Beautiful Accessories

Tired of your day-to-day outfits? No need for a whole new wardrobe, the most boring appearance can be completely transformed just by changing a few key accessories. Check out these ideas for fresh looks using your favorite jewelry, shoes, and bags. The Accessories That Will Update a Little Black Dress for Work Look sassy yet professional and polished with vivid pieces like plum heels, a green leather tote bag, and silver tone jewelry. Get the eternity pendant necklace here and the...

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What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner Party

What to Wear to Thanksgiving Dinner Party? If you are scouting the net to find the best Thanksgiving outfit ideas to wear this season, we have picked 8 ideas for you. Eight cute looks that you can pull off and be comfortable yet chic. Planning your Thanksgiving outfits is as important as making those delicious dishes that will be on the table that evening. You need to be stylish yet have some room in your clothes for all the yummy dishes that will...

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women running shoes office

7 Pairs of Office Shoes That Every Working Woman Should Own

As tempting as it may sound to jam your closet with sky-high heels and cute cartoon-motif slippers, they are not the most practical of footwear buys, particularly when it comes to your working wardrobe. (more…)

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What to Wear to a BBQ Party

Even though Independence Day has passed, summer is still going strong. You probably still have the time for a slew of lake, barbeque, beaches, and rooftop parties! On such occasions, you can always wear your off-the shoulder dress coupled with high heels. There will still be times when you want something more casual and wonder what to wear to a BBQ party. Think effortless and elegant paired with eye catching prints and colors which scream summer from every angle....

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