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3 Ways to Look Hot for Your Summer Beachwear

What does summer remind you of? Sun, sand, ice creams, friends and their bubbling laughter in the air. The arrival of Summers might fill you with the excitement to enjoy your most favorite activities under the bright sun. But as soon as it reminds you of getting rid of your second skin to reveal a bloaty and unfit frame you hate it with all your gut, don't you? Rising temperature in summer is directly proportional to the urge of...

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Animal jewellery has continually emerged as one of the most popular pieces of jewellery, especially elephant charm necklaces. One of the reasons for this is because of the emergence of elephant jewellery. These jewellery have been making a heavy impact on current fashion. Their stylish symbolism makes a smart choice for jewellery lines and everyday wear. The elephant is an animal that is so special. It is a wondrous creature that represents a lot of things. It is considered to...

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9 Ear Piercing Styles

Ear piercing looks unique and diverse on you. It is the perfect way to change your look without investing in the longevity of a tattoo. Whether you choose dainty studs or jewels, adding a new piercing style to your regular beauty look can make all the difference. Before you decide to go for an ear piercing, keep these things in mind. Placement of the spot. Choice of the earring or stud. For choosing simple yet trendy earrings or studs you must...

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women silver thigh chain beach jewelry street style

Accessorize with The Best Body Chain Jewelry

Are you looking for the latest in fashionable jewelry? Body chains are coming back with a vengeance and this is one trend that can suit any body type, any personality and will help you create your latest fashion statement. We are going to show you some gorgeous pieces that are going to uplift your collection. Body chains are a great way to finish off an outfit and they are so versatile. One chain can change the look of your...

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Layered Body Harness Chain- Beach Jewelry

Best Jewelry to Rock at The Beach

Jewelry isn't just for evening wear or fancy occasions. Planning on going to the beach? Then you may as well do so with style. Jewelry always bolsters your look, adding extra pizzazz to your outfits that are sure to turn heads, even bathing suits. The best jewelry to rock at the beach is meant to accentuate your swimwear not overshadow it. Your choice of jewelry should resonate with the beach feeling and vibe. A lot of people may want to leave behind their precious...

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5 Reasons Why Sterling Silver Earrings Are A Girl’s Or Guy’s New Best Friend

5 Reasons Why You Should Stick with Sterling Silver Jewelry! Are you one of those people who think Sterling Silver earrings are too expensive? Or how sterling silver jewelry never seems to discolour? Sterling silver earrings are an investment for a lifetime of style. We are going to explain to you the benefits of Sterling silver. You can get most jewelry styles in sterling silver such as sterling silver earring studs, necklaces, hoops and more. Here are some of the...

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Distance Bracelets to Keep your Long Distance Loved Ones Close

  It is always a hard pill to swallow when your loved ones decide to move far away from you. You go from seeing them once a week to seeing them once a year if you are lucky and that can be hard on a relationship. Sometimes, your loved ones and you need a reminder of how special your relationship is even if they are thousands of miles away. What are long distance bracelets? Jewelry from a loved one is not a...

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Wedding Jewelry-7 most Sought After Stone Accessories for a Bride

  Every bride knows that no look is complete without the right wedding jewelry. Choosing suitable accessories to blend in with the color scheme, and theme of the dress and wedding, for that matter could pose to be quite a daunting task. There are so many exceptional and gorgeous designs to consider, not to mention different styles and materials of jewelry. One of these styles that have proven to be absolutely fascinating is stone jewelry, as far as color an design goes for...

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Birthstone Jewelry- A Gemstone for Every Month. What is Yours?

Learning about the gems attached to the month we are born in is a fascination that has held many of our interests, despite our age. It is also the first connection we even make when thinking about gemstones. We are enthralled by the stories behind how a gem got its color or the mystical powers people believe they held. It is not only about the stone itself but also the connection between the stone color and the energy it...

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Motorcycle Jewelry- A Trend That Will Never End!

Motorcycle Jewelry Style People wear jewelry to make a statement, and the kind that makes the boldest statement is motorcycle jewelry. Whether you are a lady or a tough guy, if you’re looking for that simple something to add some edge to your outfit, then pay attention. Crosses, snakes, roses, thorns, angels, demons, blades and the grim reaper are all images that can be found on a motorcyclist’s gear. To correlate with these hard-hitting themes of religion, sex and death, the...

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