How to Choose the Right Earrings for Your Face Shape

How to Choose the Right Earrings for Your Face Shape

Many women start shopping for earrings and they have no idea what kind of earrings look good on them and what they can wear. Understanding the shape of your face will really get you to think outside of your boundaries and then choose the right earrings you never thought you could wear.

Understanding the chart below is easiest way to try and figure out some of the earrings that you can wear that you have probably didn’t think you can wear right now.


The first thing you want to do; you want find the widest place on your face. For an oval shaped face the widest area is the forehead. For round face, the widest area is the one along the cheeks line. For square type face, the widest area is at the bottom. It is important to identify your face shape to understand the proportions and the length or type of earrings that you are going to wear. When we talk about balance and proportions, it is also important to know what type of jaw line you have. There are three types of jaw lines; square jaw line which you see in a square face, or a round jaw line for rounded face or pointy jaw line for oval shape face. The shape of face and jaw line you have would affect your choice of the design and length of the suitable and complementary earrings.

Depending on the face shape, you will decide on the balance of the earrings and which part of the face to draw attention to. By positioning the details of the earrings, you will be able to achieve the desired effect. The closer the jewelries piece to your eyes line, the more emphasis you give to your eyes for a more romantic look. However, for a sexy and attractive look you want your earrings to go lower and emphasize the face.

For an oval face where the widest area on the face is the forehead and with a narrow jaw line; big round earrings will flatter the face. Earrings will look very attractive if they have a little bit of sway to them. Like this style.


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Here is another earrings style that is narrower and would compliment oval shape face by highlighting the area around the face and under cheek bones. If you decided to go with a similar pair of earrings make sure that the color will compliment your skin tone and color of your hair.



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Long earrings are popular and they fill in the right area of the face and help with skin tone. When wearing long earrings, you need to consider the length of neck. For a shorter neck make sure that your long earrings hit around your chin line and not below that. You can only go below the chin line if you have your neck exposed or if you have a longer neck



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Another style that would be suitable for oval shape face and you can wear it even if your top has a collar. Here the detailing and balance of the earrings is up in the jaw line and filling in with color. The tassels could go as long as you like them.




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Wearing clip earrings has its benefits. With pierced earrings, the heavy ones could pull your ears down and you don’t have a choice in positioning your earrings exactly where you want them on your ears. With clip earrings, you have the ability to change the positioning to add details to the face. Earrings should always flow into your face. You need to pay attention to this point when you have curved earrings.


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For a round face where the widest area is along the jawline, besides the style of the earrings, you need to consider, your neck length and your hairstyle.

The area between ears and the chin is smaller and shorter, and that is especially accentuated if the neck is shorter. A choice of earrings that has a geometric shape would flatter a round face as it makes a contrast. With a short haircut, wearing rounded prominent stud earrings would give the illusion of a wider area around the forehead. Even a hoop earring would give the same effect if it is attached to a rounded stud at the top. However with big earrings and hoops, the further they drop below the ear lobe level, the more they help to give the illusion of a more oval-shaped and attractive face. Earrings with clips would give more control over earrings positioning.


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For a square shape face where the widest area is around the jawline the chin line would usually be rounded or square. In this case you want to bring the weight away from the widest part of the face and bring it more toward your eye and closer to the ear. Women with the square face can emphasize the eyes area with makeup to take away the weight from the square jawline. An example of earrings that will look really pretty on a square face would be like the one below as it draws with its details the focus up to the eyes area.

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If you follow the general guidelines with your choice of earrings and positioning you will find a big number of styles and designs that will compliment the shape of your face and make you look even more beautiful.