5 Jewelry Organizer Ideas to Keep Your Jewelry Organized

5 Jewelry Organizer Ideas to Keep Your Jewelry Organized

Have you ever noticed when cleaning and reorganizing your bedroom the last thing to lay around, is usually your jewelry and accessories? There just never seems to be an organized area to place these little treasures.

To top that off, have you noticed how jewelry frequently lands up in a drawer or on a dresser top after being worn, adding to the clutter and disordering.

Well if this is as much an issue for you as it is for me, I would love to share a few exciting Jewellery Organizing tips that I have come across, that are very easy and affordable to make or purchase.

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Jewelry Organizer Idea No. 1:

The Cabinet Hardware Jewelry Hanger

Use leftover hardware form a carpentry project or old knobs to create your jewelry organizer. You will end up with this exquisite jewelry organizer to hang your beaded bracelets, long necklaces and drop earrings!

What You Will Need;

  • Cabinet Hardware such as drawer handles and cupboard knob handles.
  • Plywood and a piece of fabric or wallpaper
  • Two packets of #8 ¾ inch metal bolts.
  • A drill and a screwdriver



  1. Cover the Plywood board with wallpaper or fabric.
  2. Measure and mark where to drill.
  3. Drill
  4. Attach the knobs and handles with the metal bolts in the holes.






long peal necklace organizer
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Jewelry Organizer Idea No. 2:

Jewelry Board Organizer

Your jewelry is a piece of art. Showcase your necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to decorate your room.

What You Will Need;

  • Ornate backless frame.
  • Plywood Board.
  • Fabric with a geometric design
  • Silver metal hooks
  • Wooden rod to hang long necklaces.
  • Wood Glue.
  • Frame hangers.
  • Paint and brushes or you can use spray paint
  • Small nails to attach the aluminum sheets in the frame.


  1. Cover the board with fabric and secure the edges with glue
  2. Place the fabric covered board behind the frame and secure with small nails.
  3. Lay the board down on a surface and place all the parts (Hooks, brackets, and rod) where you want them.
  4. Use a pencil to mark where everything is placed.
  5. Drill and screw brackets and hooks to the wooden frame and position the wooden rod.
  6. Attach hanging brackets to the back of the frame.
  7. Find a permanent place for you new jewelry board and prop it up securely.



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Jewelry Organizer Idea No. 3:

Cubic Zirconia Heart Promise Ring

Thread Rack as a Jewelry Organizer

Never knew that this existed, but there is a gadget called a thread rack, which people who are enthusiastic sewers use to arrange their thread spools on. This stood out as a brilliant idea for a hanging jewelry organizer.

It is an inexpensive piece of equipment that is ready to be used, get some picture frame hangers or double-sided tape and you can hang it inside your closet or on your wall. If you want to go a step further you can paint it a lovely complementing color, to enhance the décor of your room.

thread rack organize fashion jewelry
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Jewelry Organizer Idea No. 4:

Drawer Jewelry Organizer

I saw this amazing product, and could not wait to share it. This is called an accessory tray that you place inside a drawer to organize your jewelry and similarly, other accessories. You should easily be able to find one of these from most convenience stores, or online. The accessory tray also gave me a DIY idea, by placing together different jewelry boxes in your drawer, to create a comparable result.

fashion jewelry trays


Jewelry Organizer Idea No. 4:

Bowls Jewelry Organizer

Which brings me to another one of my favorite DIY drawer, Jewelry arranger ideas.

Bowls, bowls, gorgeous colorful, modern, vintage, glass or plastic bowls! Find a few that strike your fancy and neatly fit them into your drawer. Easy to store and arrange your jewelry, even if you are in a hurry.

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I hope you found these tips as helpful as I did, these are only a few of the many charming ideas for organizing and keeping your jewelry neat and safe. Now it is your turn, how do you organize your jewelry. Share with us!