How to Wear Ankle Bracelet for Women


How to Wear Ankle Bracelet for Women

Ankle Bracelet: The Meaning and Guide to Wearing it

Anklets are a fantastic accessory for spicing up our casual attire. Whether you are an expert to wearing ankle bracelets or a complete novice, you have come to the right place.

Before we look into the best tips to wear anklets, we have to establish the story behind it. Prepare your seatbelts people, we are going on a journey!!

Anklets in the Eastern culture traces back to ancient times. They were discovered in Sumerian tombs 4,500 years ago!! These artifacts were crafted from precious metals and gemstones. However, in ancient India, the case was different. Married women wore ankle bracelets decorated with charms. This made them more noticeable.

In ancient Egypt, ankle bracelets were worn to indicate social status. Ladies who wore ankle bracelets made with precious stones finishes were usually the wives of wealthy men. The lower-class women, on the other hand, wore leather anklets.

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Occasions For Anklets Wearing:

Unless you are a work-at-home personnel, wearing casual anklets to an office just doesn’t work. Dainty anklets adorned with silver or gold are an exception for anklets. They are perfect for wearing to an office or formal event.

Avoid wearing anklets with chimes to a quiet or reserved area. You do not want to come by as an annoying person.

There are different occasions where you can wear anklets. Such occasions include:

beaded anklet, beaded ankle bracelets

  • the pool.
  • the beach
  • On vacations
  • At a laid-back summer party
  • At a festival

Make sure your anklet is comfortable for you to wear. It should be loose and not too tight.

Outfit Ideas

Sometimes, deciding what outfit to match with your anklet is quite challenging. However, you can try pairing a brown material ankle bracelet with denim shorts and a cream-colored blouse or tee. You may also complement the following with your anklet:

  • Miniskirt
  • Leggings
  • A pair of three-quarter length jeansSilver String Anklet, Elephant Charm Ankle Bracelet

Endeavor to opt for a thin anklet. It is an effective way of highlighting fabulous outfits.

Which of the Anklets’ Type is the Best?

Anklets come in different sizes, colors, and styles. It is difficult to define which of the anklets is the best. However, here are some standard options:

  1. GOLDEN ANKLETS: Golden anklets exude class and sophistication. Generally, golden anklets come as two dainty anklets stashed upon each other. They are usually worn on special occasions. It can be paired with a beautiful pair of black pumps. You can also pair golden anklets with an elegant pair of heels.
  2. SILVER ANKLETS: This type of anklet is more casual than the golden one. When teamed together with a pair of glamorous pair of summer sandals, a classic look is inevitable.
  3. BAREFOOT ANKLETS: These ankle bracelets start at the ankle and stretch down the top of your feet. It ends with a toe ring. This simply mimics the look of a sandal without the hoe.
  4. BEADED ANKLETS: this type of anklet is the perfect one for anyone planning to round off a Bohemian themed outfit. It is also perfect when heading to the beach. If in doubt, just get a plain colored anklet. It fits virtually all outfits. Check out our selection of ankle bracelets for women here:

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