The Infinity Jewelry: Its Meaning and Symbolism

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The Infinity Jewelry: Its Meaning and Symbolism

Over the years, the infinite symbol has become incredibly popular in terms of design for jewellery, tattoos and artwork. It is a popular trend because of its beautiful meanings and elegant designs. Infinity bracelets and necklaces make such a great statement to our outfits. Many people like adding pieces of infinity jewelry to their fashion accessories collection.

Most of us know the infinity symbol is like a sideways figure of eight. Nevertheless, infinity jewellery is one of the jewellery in the world that carries heavy symbolic meanings. Without understanding its origin, the symbolic nature of this jewellery cannot be understood.

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Ancient Symbol:

The infinity symbol was originally known as the “Lemniscate”, which means a ribbon. It was given this name by ancient Greek philosophers and mathematicians. The idea strives from an ancient symbol depicting a serpent biting its own tail- “Ouroboros”. It represents the infinite immortality, self-fertilization and eternal return. This powerful symbol has also earned itself a place on several tarot cards where it represents the endless potential of opportunities, personal strength and supremacy.

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Promise Ring with Infinity Symbol

Infinity in Science and Philosophy:

Fast forward to the 17th century, John Wallis who was an English mathematician upcycled a symbol known as the Lemniscate. It was the Greek symbol through which he used to refer to infinity. Infinity referred to anything that signified a quantity bigger than any number. The name “infinity” is the new symbol that has been derived from the Latin term ‘infinitas’. Infinitas also means unboundedness. Also in the 1770s, the infinity symbol had started to acquire recognition from people after appearing on the tarot card. From then on, people have been fascinated with the ideas of the infinity symbol and the terms such as “eternity” and “forever”.

Infinity as a Mystic Symbol:

In relation to mysticism, the infinity symbol has played a lot of roles. Indians in ancient times used the symbol to represent perfection. Weird right? That is not all. They also used the symbol to denote the differences and equality between male and female.

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Infinity Symbol in Modern Fashion:

In modern times, things have changed. The infinity symbol is not limited in scope to jewellery alone. It is also present in pop culture and literature. Examples of infinite jewellery are infinity rings, infinity necklaces and infinity bracelets.
To anybody, the symbol ‘infinity’ can mean many things. The symbol now represents the mysterious and romantic ideas of love through all eternity. When used as jewellery, the infinite symbol may mean everlasting love or act as an alternative to the symbol’s historical context which represented perfection and empowerment. The symbolism of infinite jewellery seems to be endless. However, it does represent the desire for something to last forever.

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Infinity Jewellery Gift

For some people today, the infinite jewellery is a representation of something endless like a connection or love. With the two circles interconnecting, each represents a side of a relationship and encompasses the idea of “being together”. This is the reason why many couples choose to wear a piece of infinity jewellery as a symbol to express their love.
Given its powerful meaning, infinity jewellery does not make only a perfect gift. It is a perfect gift to show someone special how much you value their friendship, companionship and simply being there for you. It is also a perfect addition to your jewellery collection. Combine these accessories with your own creative unique personalization, and you come up with a piece that is not only stylish but also timeless.