Men’s Guide to Wearing Bracelets 2 – Types of Bracelets for Men

men formal suite office braclet

Men’s Guide to Wearing Bracelets 2 – Types of Bracelets for Men


It should be fairly easy to spot men’s bracelets from women’s bracelets. You do not need to be an expert to separate the thin gemstone adorned and dainty ones, from the masculine ones.
However for the first time bracelet wearing man, here are a few of the timeless favorites that you should consider when searching for your style within the types of bracelets for men

mens stainless steel braceletThe Broad Metal Band Men’s Bracelets

Most likely one of the most classic, and in fashion bracelet styles for men. It matches perfectly with a suit and even less formal wear. I would recommend wearing this type of bracelet single only, with a long sleeve shirt, in one or two tones, nothing more. With this type of bracelet you want to keep it simple, elegant, and less flashy. Buy Broad metal band bracelet for me here



Brown leather chain bracelet for men, men's leather bracelet


Strings and Rope Cord Bracelets

Fun, trendy, and less formal, these can be worn together more than one in various thickness sizes. There are plenty of designs and colors to choose from, from beaded to plaited styles.
I would however not wear these to a formal event, or in a professional office type environment. Buy string cord bracelet here




Men's Brown Leather Bracelet- Laugh Often, Live Well Charm

The Rubber “Cause” Band

These are rubber bracelets or string bracelets that come in a variety of colors, which usually have the name of a certain cause. Livestrong or Livewell are some of the most iconic names in cause bracelets. Wearing these to stand for what you believe in, can be courageous, but keep in mind that it could also look cheap in the wrong setting. Buy string cause band in brown string here


men's skull bracelet, skull bangle unisex

Rock and Roll Type Bracelets

This is quite a broad spectrum of jewelry. Think, anything with skulls, spiders spikes etc, symbols that represent being a “badass” rocker. Rock and Roll Bracelets are usually chunky and come in anything from leather to metal. This type of bracelet should be worn with a similar, or casual outfit, and is most definitely not suggested for a conservative scene. Buy skull bracelet in silver or gold here




celtic infinity knot leather bracelet men

Leather Cuff Bracelets for Men

Also leaning more towards the Punk, Rock or “badass” theme the leather cuff bracelet is an accessory for the easy going and casual man. Leather cuffs can be plain or braided and usually look great in either black or brown, worn with jeans and a T-Shirt, or any other more casual outfit. Buy leather cuff bracelet from here

The I.D Bracelet

ID bracelets originated in the 1950’s and were worn by soldiers for identification. Today they have become a style icon and is worn by the more “Retro” man.
An ID bracelet comprises a medium, to thin metal chain with a metal plate in the center, on which you can engrave a name or message. These generally make excellent gifts.

Black Double Layer Leather Bracelet

Black Leather Bracelet with Antiqued Metal- Men’s Bracelet

Health Bands

Normally these are thin or medium copper or magnetic bracelets that also come in different designs. These bracelets are said to have certain healing properties. I would not entirely recommend these as a fashion statement, but if you believe in their healing properties, by all means, give them a try!

At the end of the day, the main purpose of a good bracelet is to accentuate your outfit. This for some men may mean, having to choose a different style for different outfits, for others they may only need one style.
So start off with something simple that matches your general and most worn outfits, and see if you are comfortable with wearing bracelets as an accessory. You can always build on your collection if you decide that you like men’s bracelets.