Men’s Guide to Wearing Bracelets

men formal suite office braclet

Men’s Guide to Wearing Bracelets

When and How Should a Man Wear a Bracelet

There is the age-old debate whether jewelry in particular a bracelet makes a man look less masculine. Jewelry in general is marketed mostly towards women, however jewelry is becoming more and more of a style icon in men today.

Bracelets are not the first piece of jewelry that men will normally go for. Regardless, in today’s society with jewelry in men becoming more popular, men’s bracelets are also finding their place in the spotlight.

So if you are considering a bracelet as an accessory, rest assured, it is perfectly masculine, and can look superb if worn in the correct setting.
There are however, a few overall guiding principles, to keep in mind on how, and when to wear a man’s bracelet, in order to get the sought-after result.


So let’s look at how and when a man should wear a bracelet;

Style vs Men’s Bracelets

As with any other piece of jewelry the purpose of a bracelet is to accentuate your outfit and style. A well-chosen bracelet that suits your dress code, will give you that seamlessly finished off classy, and stylish look, completing your ensemble.
A leather or beaded bracelet can look masculine and adventurous with any casual outfit. Whereas a shiny silver or gold bracelet can give you a more sophisticated and professional look with a suit or formal wear.

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So How Exactly Should Men Wear Bracelets?

The problem with bracelets on men is that most menswear does not really leave much room for displaying a bracelet. This has to lead to men’s bracelets becoming a style sensation that is more apposite to summer time. Although with a little effort they can still be incorporated into a long-sleeved outfit.

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men formal suite office braclet

Here are a few points to follow on how to wear a bracelet;

    • With a long sleeve outfit wear your bracelet covered and against your skin, as you would a wristwatch.
    • If you want to wear multiple bracelets, rather stack up on thin cord bracelets, than wearing more than one thick metal bracelet.
    • Never mix your wristwatch with a thick metal bracelet, also rather go for a thinner, corded bracelet in this case.
    • Wearing a few or only one bracelet on one arm should suffice, and rather avoid them on both arms.
    • Stick to one type of bracelet, either leather or beaded, or metal. Wearing both metal and other material of bracelets together may not obtain the desired effect.
    • Remember, metal bracelets render a more sophisticated and formal image, while leather and rubber bracelets, on the other hand are meant for a more casual and laid-back look.

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As with any rules and guidelines, they are not set in stone, so you may break the rules and still pull off an outstanding look. These are just recommendations that should give you a general idea, the choice is up to you and your own personal flair.

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My best advice is always that, less is better, keep it simple, and elegant, to avoid looking cheap or awkward.


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