10 Essential Pieces of Jewelry Every Man Should Own


10 Essential Pieces of Jewelry Every Man Should Own

There’s nothing manlier than owning your own sense of style, whether that’s through your clothes, your shoes, your accessories, or even your jewelry. But don’t know where to start? From cross necklaces to high end hip hop jewelry to lava stone bracelets, here are the ten styles you should own—or at least consider—to build up your men’s jewelry style wardrobe.

1. The leather bracelet

Always a classic, the men’s leather bracelet is an essential starting point for men looking to expand their jewelry collection, thanks to its masculine materials and refined aesthetic. Whether you’re wearing a solid strap style or a bohemian, woven piece, look for pieces crafted from premium calf leather. If you’re used to wearing a leather watch, the leather bracelet is the next stop—and the two complement each other when paired, too. Or, try a multi-strap bracelet with antique metal hardware for a look that goes with everything: See it here.

Blog-mens-leather-bracelet-metals-alloy-demo2. The gold chain

More than just high-end hip hop jewelry, gold chains have been around since Babylonian times, when men wore them draped around their necks. In other words, gold chains for men will never go out of style. For a sophisticated take on this timeless piece, try a snake chain, like the one on this necklace.


3. The cross necklace

A cross is a tasteful and subtle way to show you’re spiritual, whether you’re wearing it for yourself or to show others. Ideal with both a collared shirt and a short-sleeved tee, they’re both versatile and personal. Pro tip: Christian cross necklaces for men also make great gifts. Check out this cross necklace.


4. The bike chain bracelet

If you’re after something unique, look no further than bike chain bracelets for men. Refined yet polished, these bracelets have a city look that calls to mind urban sophistication. Formal and casual at the same time, they work with most outfits. Look for a bike chain bracelet crafted from high-quality stainless steel for a piece that will last longer. See it here.


5. The lava stone bracelet

Beaded bracelets are one of the most popular styles for men, thanks to the fact that you can easily wear multiple strands at a time. When choosing a material for your bracelet though, don’t overlook lava stone. One of the oldest stones used in the world, it’s formed by volcanic rock and is favored for its buoyant weight and porous, textured look. This men’s lava stone bracelet features these unique, one-of-a-kind beads and pairs them with brilliant blue stones: Lava stone bracelet.

6. The ring

Even if you’re not married, you can still pull off a ring; ever so subtle, it makes a simple style statement. A sterling silver band with little ornamentation is perfectly suitable for an everyday piece. If you do feel tempted to wear multiple rings, then thin stacking bands are always a good place to start.

7. The stainless steel bracelet

Ever so sleek, stainless steel is favored for its durability, resistance, and luster. Men’s stainless steel bracelets rose to popularity following the Second World War when icons such as James Dean wore ID bracelets in homage to the military. Mixed with leather, it’s tasteful, refined and just that little rebellious: Stainless steel bracelet.

8. The diamond stud

For those looking for a simple but highly effective piece of men’s jewelry to wear, the diamond stud is a must-have. Equally perfect for wearing with a suit or brightly colored t-shirts, diamond studs add a subtle sparkle without being too over the top. We like these cubic zirconia stud earrings for their versatility: Diamond studs for men.


9. The pendant necklace

Men looking for an easy fix should look no further than a pendant necklace. Necklaces are ideal because they can be displayed or tucked away if you decide the occasion doesn’t need it. We like to wear them with a clean-cut t-shirt for an effortlessly cool look.

10. The inspirational bracelet

Why should you wear an inspirational bracelet? To be fair, this is something that’s more important for your mind than for your fashion credibility. Having a bracelet with a message that speaks to your goals, aspirations or values helps energize you. Pick one with a short but snappy quotation that will motivate you everyday.
In short, mens jewelry is an easy but powerful way to spice up your style, so why hold back? With these ten pieces in your arsenal, you’ll be able to look dapper for every occasion.
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