Your Mama’s Pearl Necklace is Back in Fashion

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Your Mama’s Pearl Necklace is Back in Fashion

The Lure Behind Wearing Pearl Jewelry

Pearls have always been associated with “old money” in the affluent communities, with more emphasis on the old. It’s this misconception that has many millennials believing that they will look like an old person when they wear pearl jewelry. However, with more and more models rocking this staple, it’s quickly becoming evident that you CAN wear your pearls without losing your edge as a young and hip fashionista.


Legendary Coco Chanel and Queen Elizabeth had one thing in common – they both wore real pearls; although it was the former that was credited for putting a modern spin on the classic jewel look. She would wear her pearls in heavy layers around her neck, a look that designers emulated on runways, even to this very day. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to fashion icons, Coco Chanel remains an undefeated heavyweight champion. Using her as a guide, here are some ways in which you can rock the classic look of the jewelry and maintain your 2018 status quo.



3 Appropriate Time and Event for Wearing Pearl Jewelry

Not overdoing your outfit with pearls is one of the first things to note when modernizing your look. If you wear a gaudy out, so that you are nfit with outrageous pearls that does nothing to flatter your look will get you noticed for all the wrong reasons. It’s very important to also note WHERE you will be wearing your jewelry and avoid fashion faux pas.


1. Your Place of Work

Whether you work in an office or at a kiosk, matching your pearl jewelry to your attire is a major concern especially when you dress in a business-like manner to give your customers a more professional feel. For a blazer or pantsuit, be sure to wear a simplistic pearl necklace that doesn’t overcrowd your suit. Having a layered pearl necklace, for example, will give your outfit an unappealing look that seems incohesive and distracting as well as – dare I say it? The old or mature look that you are trying to avoid. To be in the clear, blazers plus simple, a single line of pearl necklace. Get this workplace approved pearl earrings from here

pearl-earrings-stud-sterling-silver, pearl earrings stud

2. Routine Wear

Who said you couldn’t add a bit of glam to your outfit when you grabbed the groceries? I’ll tell you who? Nobody. Go ahead and clasp that pearl around your neck and pair it with the latest, but not overdone, fashion trends. Nothing says modern chic like a choker pearl that has been paired with your Yeezys or Fenty sliders. The hot topic is ALL of these are among the latest modern trends, so your pearl jewelry will not feel out of place from its spot on your choker, which is still going strong in 2018. Get our pearl necklace or pearl choker from here


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3. Elegant Functions

How do you play up a dress with simplistic design? You make the jewelry you wear stand out! It’s no different from when you are attending a social event, whether it be a cocktail or a dinner for charity. A Kris Jenner staple is a multi-strand pearl necklace and with good reason as it often imbues the wearing with a look and feel of elegance. The multi-strand is on par with the layered necklaces that are among 2018 hottest jewelry trend, so rest assured your look with these pearls is very up to date. The simple trick to getting your pearl necklace to stand out is by understating your dress. This brings all the focus to your pearls which will be the envy of the attended event.Get this elegant freshwater pearl bracelet from here

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Q: What’s the Best Way to Wear Pearls without Going Overboard?


A:Tear Drop Pearl Earrings

Owning a teardrop shaped pearl earring is a staple that transcends any Era and is almost impossible to go out of style of look out of place despite the year. This jewelry piece offers a touch of class and elegance to whatever you wear. Teardrop pearl earrings are to jewelry world what the LBD (little black dress) is to the fashion world. A timeless piece that will never be seen as outdated and should be a permanent fixture among a woman’s jewelry. Order our Black Pearl Pendant Necklace- Sterling Silver



Tips for Creative Ways to Wear Pearls:

1- Pearl Buttons and Embellishments

Being worn as jewelry is not the only use for these oyster formed treasures. Pearls can be used to accentuate your sweaters and cardigans in an revolutionary way- by being the buttons on them. Commonly seen on some of your favorite style icons like Chrissy Teigen, Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars and even Rihanna, cardigans offer a softer appeal to those wearing them. What better way to wear your pearls than using them as buttons on your cardigans to create a more stylish look to your wardrobe? Hint: for a pop of color, try putting pearl buttons on darker colors.


The use of pearls does not stop there! Pearls can also be used to create intricate design patterns on your sweater or cardigan. Use them in a manner no different from beading an appliqué. The more intricate the appliqué, the more notice it will attract from those who have an eye for fashion. Wouldn’t you like to stand out in your sweater with pearl appliqué?


2- Pearls on Shoes

Show me a woman that doesn’t love shoes, I’ll wait. Shoes and women go hand in hand or foot in foot. Pearls have been quite active in the shoe community. From decorating espadrilles to accentuating heels to embellishing slip ons; pearls have definitely made their sparkle been seen. Designers are so in love with the sleek look that pearls give to shoes that many big names have designed shoes with little to heavy coverage of pearls. Among some of the most recognized are Jimmy Choo, Alexandre Birman and Manolo Blahnik. With many of the designer prices being out of our budget, why not DIY your own fabulous pair of pearl shoes? All that is needed is a glue gun, a pair of shoes you want to revamp and pearls, of course.


3- Accessorizing Your Pearl Jewelry

The best way to test the skills of your pearl modernization, is by accessorizing it with other jewelry. Pearls are a giant I. Their own right and doesn’t usually play well with other jewel pieces. The trick is to pair pearl with itself. So if you are wearing. Pearl necklace, don’t be shy to accessorize it with a pearl bracelet or even earrings. Just be sure not to go over the top as you may end up looking tacky. If you have another non-pearl jewelry that you want to pair with your pearl, make sure that you play down your outfit so as to avoid an unflattering finished look. Shop this pearl bracelet here


Another trick is to match your pearls shade with the jewelry gem that you plan to wear. That is an insider trick that will help you be in the fashion know for a long time.

Go on and wear your pearls with pride, you fashionista you!


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