How to Pick the Perfect Bridal Jewelry Set for your Wedding Dress

How to Pick the Perfect Bridal Jewelry Set for your Wedding Dress

How to Pick the Perfect Bridal Jewelry Set for your Wedding Dress

Since you said that big “YES” now the real work begins! It involves the tedious, but sometimes joyous task of choosing the dress that is uniquely you. Dress chosen? Perfect! Now comes the part of accessorizing with that eye-catching jewelry that will show off your flamboyant or laid-back style. What’s that you say? You were too busy with all the other major aspects of your wedding details to contemplate the specifics of choosing your own jewelry? Are you wondering how to pick the perfect bridal jewelry set for your wedding dress?Breathe easy, this article is here to help you pick the perfect wedding jewelry to accessorize with your gorgeous dress, no matter the style or color you choose. PS, we have even given thought to your budget because we would not want you to find the jewelry of your choice and be deflated by it not matching your expenses. We care about your happiness too much for a let-down such as that.




One of the first rules of fashion is to always accessorize in accordance with the style of your outfit. This is even more applicable for a bride to be when thinking of the elegant necklaces to adorn her slender neck on her big day. You will, of course, want to be careful that your jewelry choices do not clash with the necklines for your dress, and let us face it, you have an endless pool to choose from. Whether it be square, one-shouldered, sheer, high neck or V-neck, the possibilities are almost infinite as more designers create variations of wedding dresses. With so many to choose from, it can be a little daunting to have your jewelry stand out instead of plainly blending in.

To help you accessorize, we must break it down to the most popular bridal neckline, which is the Sabrina neckline or boat neck. This style runs across your shoulders and leaves tour neck bare. This exposure is perfect for almost any type of necklace and earrings that you choose because all the focus will be on them, however, it works best with an updo, but we haven’t discussed the hairstyles just yet. Necklines that exposes your skin, such as deep V are better accessorized with pendant necklaces, while those that put more emphasis on the gown by covering the skin is better with layered necklaces such as Victorian era styled necklines.




Do you remember when it was purely taboo to wear any other color but white on your weddings day? One word-boring. Now, we don’t have to do that. There is such a vast array of colors to select when thinking about your special day. More colors, more jewelry choices. It can also mean fresh hell if you go wearing all sorts of clashing colored jewelry with a brightly colored dress. To avoid any such fashion mishaps, the best way is to do complementary colors. There is a reason they are opposite each other on the color wheel and it is because they make each other “pop” or “complement” each other. See what we did there? ?

Whatever color dress you choose, best be sure we have the complementary color jewelry to go with it. Orange dress, we have blue/turquoise necklaces and earrings. Maybe orange is too gaudy for you and you would prefer something more along the shade of yellow, there is a green accessory for you to complement your dress. OR, you may be a person that prefers to stick to tradition and wear white or any shade of white dress because there are over 80 shades of this color alone. Guess what? this opened your options to a wider range of jewelry as white is a universal color for “anything goes.”




Remember when we were discussing necklines and we got into how to style your hair for the big day and I promised to get into it later? This is the later. Of all the extravagant ways we have seen hair being designed for a wedding, there is one thing we can conclude. There remain two major categories. These are up-dos and down-dos. When your hair is away from your face, it gives a frame to your face and so your audience and husband to be will be able to focus more on your beauty which will be highlighted by dripping teardrop earrings or chandelier styled ones. This style is a preferred choice for most brides because it allows for more playfulness with the jewellery and leaves a wider variety as it almost impossible to not et the right style with this hairdo. It is more difficult for brides with a down-do because they must be careful about getting their hair caught in a hanging earring, or their hair hiding their jewelry. However, there is a plus side to this style-it makes HAIR ACCESSORIES so much more appealing and gives that look of a modern-day Greek goddess. Flash your inner Aphrodite!



In saving the best for last, this is YOUR big day! It can be easy to stretch yourself thin because of all the tasks you have set out for your day to have it o off without a hitch, but remember to take a breath and look at how brightly both you AND your jewelry shine when you look in the mirror. Have fun on your Big Day!

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