Sea Turtle Jewelry

Sea turtle jewelry is one of the most stylish ways you can support the cause of sea turtle conservation.

Cast in sterling silver, this turtle cuff bracelets features sea turtle images that celebrate the majesty of these ancient creatures. Paying homage to the sea turtle and its environment, the cuff features an abstract background and drifting geometric sea turtle icons on an antique silver plated band that’s one inch wide.

Thanks to its antique sterling silver sheen, this particular piece of sea turtle jewelry is extremely versatile. Pair with bohemian leather bracelets for a free-spirited look, or wear with chains for an extra touch of sophistication. Don’t be afraid to mix metals either; sea turtle jewelry in sterling silver, like this cuff, goes well with gold and rose gold as well.

Sentimental, expressive and beautiful, sterling silver turtle jewelry is the perfect excuse to indulge in charity jewelry, and makes a fantastic gift for a friend or for yourself. An exquisite adornment for the person who cares about the planet, sea turtle jewelry is designed to raise awareness of the life of sea turtles, whose existence is currently threatened on earth due to their vulnerability to predators, development and the environment. Luckily, conservation efforts to this important, ongoing cause in places such as Costa Rica and Nicaragua are helping populations of all seven species of sea turtles rise again, as tourists and locals work together to preserve their habitat.

If you believe in the importance of this cause, show your support and help raise awareness of the threats these wonderful sea creatures face by wearing sterling silver turtle jewelry.