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No matter your age, charm bracelets for women have eternal appeal. An elegant statement that also carries a message and meaning for the wearer, jewelry bracelets in sterling silver or gold are an essential piece in your accessory wardrobe. A few years ago, people collected the charms to wear on their bracelets from special occasions such as birthdays or communion, or waited for friends or family to gift them a charm that reminded the wearer of them. Now, you can buy charm bracelets for women that already features pieces that might remind you of your pet or a special day in your life, and you no longer need to wait a long time to complete the collection. Many people also prefer to have women's bracelets that has one theme, instead of multiple meanings. If you’re a musician, a charm bracelet adorned with music notes and treble clefs inlaid with Austrian crystal would be perfect. If your sense of style treads the line between bohemian and elegant, women's beaded bracelets with neutral charms and artisan crystal embellishment are the ideal way to show off your envious style. Or, if you like to spell things out, charm bracelets for women with lettered beads can do that for you. There are also sterling silver bangle bracelets that come layered with pearls and beaded strands if you like extra flair, and charm bracelets for women that are available in colors such as purple, blue and amethyst. If you’d rather stick to something simple yet still meaningful, a rose gold bar bracelet engraved with the word ‘happiness’ is the perfect piece of message jewelry for your outfit.