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    Crafted in stainless steel, this inspirational necklace charm with shiny finish reminds the wearer how  unique and special they are. The charm is detailed with inspirational message “You Are Braver Than You Believe, Stronger Than You Seem and Smarter Than You Think & Loved More than You Know”. The charm hangs from a matching ball chain. This engraved tag pendant makes is most popular among inspirational necklaces for men or women.

    Inspirational Necklace for Men and Women with Message Features

    Materials: Stainless steel Silver Plating Pendant Size: 1.9 X 1.1in Chain Length: 23.5in

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    inspirational necklace prayer charm
    The serenity prayer necklace would make a great gift for someone who works the 12 steps of recovery or who lives by meditation and prayer. This inspirational necklace has the Serenity Prayer engraved on the metal pendant. The serenity prayer reads: "God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference. Hanging from a leather chain, this meaningful inspirational necklace for men or women makes a great gift for yourself or someone you love. Material: Zinc alloy Charm Size: 1.2 inch Chain Length: 20 inch
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    meaningful necklaces,believe necklace engraved necklaces-, motivational necklaces
    Engraved necklaces feature tri-tone charms engraved with motivational words. Three charms are coordinated to inspire you or someone you love. The burnished finish, hand-stamped look adorns the motivational necklace with a graceful silver rolo chain. Wear this powerful piece over your heart whenever you need a reminder that the best is yet to come! Get yours Now!

    Engraved Necklace with Motivational Message Features:

    Materials: High Quality Metal Chain Length: 18inch
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    sterling-silver-sideways-cross-necklace-women sterling-silver-sideways-cross-necklace-inspirational-women
    This sterling silver sideways cross necklace is a stylish way to show off your faith. Featuring a horizontal cross pendant that is crafted from high quality 925 sterling silver. The sideways cross is attached to a matching sterling silver rolo chain. A true inspirational horizontal cross necklace that makes a great gift. Get it now!

    Sterling Silver Sideways Cross Necklace Features:

    Materials: 925 Sterling silver Pendant Size: 1.5 inch Chain Length: 17.8 inch Order this horizontal cross necklace sterling silver now!
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    christian-cross-necklace crystal-cross-chain
    Elegant & refined, this crystal-adorned necklace is sure to make a statement. The brilliant cross is paired with a silver chain to create an amazing piece of inspirational jewelry. This silver plated cross pendant is beautiful and elegant in design. Accented in CZ throughout the design, it’ll shine as much as you do! The cross shape is simple and well-designed with the small details. Crosses are typically an old-fashioned symbol, however, nothing about this design is old but only fashionable. Materials: 925 Silver Plated, Crystals Chain Length: 18" Pendant Size: 0.9" X 1.4"
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    yorkie pendant necklace, pet jewelry yorkie pendant necklace, pet jewelry
    An awesome charm necklace for Yorkie dog lovers. This Yorkie cut out pendant necklace makes a great gift. Made out of silver plated metal with shiny finish and couples with matching chain.

    Yorkie Dog Pendant Necklace - Pet Jewelry Features:

    Materials: Silver plated Chain Length: 17" Charm Size: 1" X 1" Lobster clasp
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    guardian-angel-necklace-sterling-silver,guardian-angel-pendant-necklace-sterling-silver, guardian angel pendant, guardian angel jewelry, meaningful necklaces guardian-angel-pendant-necklace-sterling-silver, guardian angel pendant, guardian angel jewelry, meaningful necklaces
    This Guardian Angel Pendant Necklace symbolizes love, protection, and spirituality. Meaningful necklaces with gold heart love knot make a great gift for a friend or a loved one. Made out of shiny sterling silver and adorned with tiny cubic zirconia stones for added luster.  It comes with a matching silver box chain. Order yours now!

    Guardian Angel Pendant Necklace Features:

    Materials: Sterling silver, 18k gold plating, Cubic zirconia stones Chain Length: 16 + 2 inch Pendant Size: 0.8X0.7 inch
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    semicolon-necklace-gold, semicolon charm necklace semicolon-necklace-silver, semicolon charm necklace
    This semicolon charm necklace with three charms holds a symbol of love, hope, strength, and a survivor spirit. The biggest charm is hand stamped with the words "my story is not over yet" in reference to The Semicolon Project.  You will have the option to choose Silver tone with blue charm or semicolon necklace gold tone necklace with pink crystal charm. This makes a beautiful trio charms to mix and match or a layering piece perfect for everyday wear.

    Semicolon Necklace for Men or Women Features:

    Materials: High quality metals, Crystals Chain Length: 16 inch goldtone semicolon jewelry, semicolon gold tone jewelry, gold semicolon jewelry
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    angel-wing-necklace-silver angel-wing-necklace, Angel Wing Necklace ,Angel Wing Jewelry
    The Angel Wing represents peace, the Holy Spirit and love. This beautifully crafted Angel Wing Necklace for guys or women is rendered in shiny sterling silver with gorgeous details and hangs from a matching box chain. The unique and elegant design will be the most eye-catching jewelry piece you can ever have.

    Silver Angel Wing Necklace Mens- Womens-Angel Pendant Necklace Features:

    Materials: Sterling silver Pendant Size: 1 x 0.3 in Chain Length: 17 in
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    angel-cross-necklace angel-cross-necklace
    This beautiful silver plated pendant with shiny finish, adorned with sparkling crystals makes a beautiful gift for yourself or someone you love. This silver plated angel pendant is beautiful and elegant in design. Featuring a CZ heart center and crystal accents set in shiny finish metal. This cross necklace for women sways from a matching silver chain with lobster clasp for safe fastening. The cross-like shape is another added design element. This angel necklace is simple with a beautiful layout. Stunning in color, you’ll never want to leave home without your angel.

    Silver Cross Necklace- Crystal Cross Necklace Features:

    Materials: Silver Plated, CZ Length: 18" Pendant Size: 0.8" X 1" Clasp Type: Lobster
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    the-rest-is-still-unwritten, semicolon inspirational necklace
    This semicolon inspirational necklace of silver disc pendant with a sleek minimalist design features a unique charm pendant engraved  with motivational words "The rest is still unwritten".  Inspired by Natasha Bedingfield song and the semicolon project, the pendant is matched with a semicolon charm and a heart charm . Adorn your neck with a motivational message that inspire with words of hope, love, and love. This women's or men's inspirational necklace is the perfect sentimental gift for anyone who wants to b. Get it NOW!

    Suicide Prevention Necklace- Semicolon Inspirational Necklace Features:

    Materials: High quality metal, crystal Chain Length: 18inch
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    This inspirational pendant necklace features three pendants; a detailed turtle with an antiqued finish, blue crystal, and Circular pendant stamped with the words, "just keep swimming". This message necklace makes a great gift for animals lovers or for someone who is in need of encouragement.

    Turtle Pendant Inspirational Necklace Quote- Keep Swimming Features:

    Materials: High-Quality Metal Silver, Blue Crystal Pendant Size: 0.9 inch across Chain Length: 20 + 2.5 inch
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    Tree of Life Necklace in Sterling Silver , tree of life jewelry for women Tree of Life Necklace in Sterling Silver , tree of life jewelry for women
    This necklace with the Tree of Life pendant carries the symbol of a fresh start on life, positive energy, good health and a bright future. It is also a symbol of family and connection to ancestors. Crafted in sterling silver, this jewelry piece showcases a timeless style with intricate details and design. The graceful pendant boasts an antique tree form and sways from a matching chain. Get yours now!

    Tree of Life Necklace Sterling Silver Features:

    Materials: Sterling Silver Pendant Size: 1 inch Chain Length: 17 inch, adjustable
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    cross necklace for women
    Cross necklace for women shines in rose gold and crystal drill inlaid. Cross pendant  necklace hangs form a matching box chain.

    Cross Necklace for Women- Rose Gold Features:

    Materials: High quality metal Chain Length: 16 + 2 inch Pendant Size: 1.5 X 1 inch
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    curved-sideways-cross-necklace-women curved-sideways-cross-necklace-gold
    This stunning Curved Sideways Cross Necklace will add a sparkle to anything you wear. Featuring a slightly curved sideways cross pendant covered with round white zirconia diamonds. This sideways cross charm is attached to a delicate rolo chain. The charm is crafted from a high-quality metal with a shiny finish for added soft glow. This sideways cross pendant necklace lets you make a statement no matter the occasion. A beautiful inspirational necklace that can make a great gift for you or a loved one. Get it now!

    Curved Sideways Cross Charm-Features:

    Materials: High-quality metal, White cubic zirconia Pendant Size: 0.8 inch Chain Length: 17.7 inch
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    sideways-cross-necklace-women sideways-cross-necklace
    This dainty sideways cross necklace will surely be your jewelry staple. Crafted from high quality metal and attached to a matching color chain. This beautiful horizontal cross necklace can be perfectly layered with other chain necklaces. Get yours now!

    Sideways Cross Necklace Features:

    Materials: High quality metal Pendant Size: 0.8 X 04 inch Chain Length: 17.7 inch

Inspirational Necklaces-Religious Jewelry

Inspirational necklaces will always be our message jewelry of choice, thanks to their elegance and versatility.

Designed to empower the wearer with stirring, uplifting quotes, motivational necklaces can serve as compelling tokens and reminders in our everyday lives to move with hope, joy and courage. From inspirational quote jewelry etched with elaborate phrases that recall our potential to understated charms that remind us we are always loved, inspirational necklaces are meaningful accessories we can keep with us at all times.

If you follow the Christian faith, you might like the refined modesty of a simple cross that comes either with a heart crystal and angel wings—reminiscent of a guardian angel—or that comes in a pair, if you want one for him and one for her. You might also like a pendant necklace etched with the Serenity Prayer and a cutout of the tree of life for a unique and powerful piece of message jewelry.

If you’re looking for something different in religious jewelry, there is a pendant necklace anchored by a guardian angel wing, an everyday reminder that there is someone watching over and taking care of us. You can also get the stylish sideways cross necklace. Pet lovers will appreciate paw print necklaces, either with a quote or without; if your pet has already departed, there is also a memorial necklace. And if your style falls in the minimalist category, you might favor a bar pendant necklace, available in rose gold, gold and silver, that reads ‘Be Brave’—a stylish reminder to be courageous and fearless.

Thanks to their strong words and encouraging symbols, inspirational necklaces are powerful pieces that can be worn at all times and for all occasions to fill our lives with light and positivity.