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There’s a selection of men’s bracelets for you whether you’re a sophisticated suit wearer, a laid-back t-shirt lover or somewhere in between. Men are embracing jewelry as a chance to showcase their personality more than ever, and that means the range of men’s leather bracelets available has increased in variety, and can cater to more tastes. If you’d describe yourself as the gothic or punk rock type, there are men’s leather bracelets that take a more refined approach to the classic skull design, reinventing it as a sleek metal-plated piece with a faux stingray leather band and shiny metal details. If you think you’re the minimalist, understated one in your group, there are men’s bracelets that riff off the classic watch band with a classic, elegant stitched leather strap and polished stainless steel accents. And if you’re the kind of man who wants his jewelry to mean something to him, there are Christian-themed men’s bracelets, with a smooth leather strap and a cross and ‘God Bless’ cut out of a brushed metal plaque. The best part about men’s bracelets is that you can layer them. Beaded strands are a great place to start—try mixing earthy wooden beads with bohemian lava stones or high-fashion metal beads. For a more hippie vibe, try men’s beaded bracelets that have New Age-inspired charms such as a Buddha bead or an Evil Eye, or to experiment a bit more, throw in a leather strand there for a touch of masculine sophistication. Or, find a piece that does it for you, like a multi-layered leather bracelet that features vintage inspired charms for a free-spirited look. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a t-shirt, a button-up shirt or a suit, there will be a bracelet to match your look.