5 Ideas to Wear Religious Jewelry with Style

5 Ideas to Wear Religious Jewelry with Style


No matter what religion we are, or what—or who—we believe in, wearing religious jewelry can add a nice, meaningful touch to our style that goes beyond the superficial. Religious jewelry, after all, is an accessory that’s highly personal, and often reflects a story of something that happened to us, or marks a meaningful occasion in our spiritual journey. From baptisms to bar mitzvahs, people often also give pieces of religious jewelry, often bracelets or necklaces, to mark important milestones in someone’s life.


Other reasons people might wear religious jewelry might include its representation of a concept we believe in, and that may or may not inspire us. Wearing a cross signifies a belief in overcoming pain and suffering while wearing a fish represents life and allegiance to being Christian.


But whether we have a cross as a charm for a bracelet or as a pendant for a necklace, outward displays of our faith don’t have to look dated. Modern designers have reinterpreted traditional symbols, and many pieces of religious jewelry can actually be quite trendy. What’s more, from men’s religious pendants to religious jewelry for women, there are styles appropriate for both genders and they can be worn for many occasions. Here are 5 ideas on how to wear your religious jewelry:


  1. Pair up

If both you and your significant other are religious, it can be inspiring to both of you to have a matching necklace set. This his and her set of religious jewelry crosses feature pendants that contrast yet complement each other in rose and black titanium steel.


  1. Keep it sweet and simple

There’s no need to be over the top when it comes to religious jewelry. If your style is more subtle, then a minimalistic pendant necklace may be perfect for you. A stylized version of the Christian cross necklace, this piece is a refined way to show your faith.



  1. Shine bright with crystals

For extra sparkle, try finding jewelry with cubic zirconia accents. Classic and elegant, precious stones can dress up a simple cross or more. This angel pendant necklace in the shape of a cross would be perfect for someone who believes in guardian angels, and who has a sophisticated sense of style.



  1. Mix metals

Men’s religious bracelets can be just as stylish as the rest of their wardrobe. This stainless steel bracelet pairs gold and silver together with leather accents for a versatile piece to wear for any occasion.


  1. Layer with leather

If your sense of style favors a softer, more earthy approach, then multiple layers of leather with metal beads can be a nice way to wear religious jewelry. This gender neutral bracelet, perfect for both men and women, features braided strands and tasteful takes on Christian motifs such as the cross and Jesus’ fish.



From crosses to angels, in leather and sterling silver, there’s something for everyone who wants to show an outward sign of their faith. But no matter what religion you are, it’s important to wear it with style.