Sparkle at the Workplace – on All the Important Days. Jewelry for Workplace


Sparkle at the Workplace – on All the Important Days. Jewelry for Workplace

As social creatures, heavy emphasis is placed on how we should look in order to be especially appealing to others. We see the fancy magazine covers filled with models that we try to emulate. So, we buy our makeup palettes and spend longer than necessary in the bathroom to make sure we come out looking every bit as attractive as we hope so that we may be the talk of our jobs based on how fashionable we look. Now, this is going to stop a lot of you in your tracks, but, there are some jewelry that are not acceptable for regular workplace attire. Let’s go through some of these and point out what is appropriate jewelry for workplace.



Have you ever been talking to someone that had on an elaborate, earring that shook every time they spoke or moved their head even slightly and your attention just went there… and stayed there? Sometimes, it is so distracting that you find yourself fighting to focus on the conversation, so you miss more than half of what the person says? w/e have all been there at least once or twice in our lives. Now imagine if you have something important to say and is wearing distracting jewelry. Half of what you are saying will be ignored by your audience, which is frustrating. There is an age-old adage that states “Simplicity is best.” That proverb never proves truer than when wearing jewelry. Go for small studs that fit in your earlobes and offers elegance without being a distraction. Pragmatic choices make you confident. Check our selection of stud earrings for women:


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Do you know what’s more distracting than your elaborate earrings, bangles that make loud noises or are so colorful, they are blinding. These are a capital NO! Not only are they very unprofessional, but they can even cause injury to you or even a co-worker and nobody wants to be in hot water on the job. Stay away from injuries. Stay away from loud and offensive bangles. Instead of announcing your entrance in a room in such an abrasive fashion, why not let your jewelry choices be noticed for all the RIGHT reasons? Nothing says work professional than a genuine leather watch or a simple bracelet. There are so many things you can tell about a person by the type of watch they wear or by the jingling bangles they wear. The latter, being negative in a setting outside a casual get together with friends. Check our selection of women bracelets:

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Elegant minimalist sterling silver bracelet with white crystals. On Sale Now!



You know what style has remained a classic and go to style despite the number of years that has passed since it has been introduced? Pearls! You can never go wrong when you choose this classic style and the best part is that it is so easily accessible with whatever your professional style is. Whether it be chic jackets, or A-line skirts, even cardigans! You know what is not a classic-heavily layered necklace in the office space. Yes, you might be tempted to go with what’s trending in the fashion world because it is highly influential, but remember that you have to be able to differentiate between casual and work place. No chokers or “blinged” diamond or gold chains that have ten to sixteen layers. Less is always more. The safe choices here are wearing a simple pendant, the classic pearl or single diamond or gold chains. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to show off your awesome sense of fashion forward on company outings. Check our collection of women fashion necklaces:

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Eternity Rolling Cylinder Pendant Sterling Silver Necklace. On Sale Now!



I love rings-these include everything from midi rings to large stone rings, yet, for work, I know these are not at all flattering to be seen in the workplace. Not only are they impractical, but you have to be cognizant of how you present yourself. Sure, rings are fantastic, but as before with the layered necklaces, they are better suited for the company outing when you have permission to be as dolled up as you can be. On the job, however, stick to a simple, single ring. Maybe a single thumb or index ring. Wedding bands are also acceptable. Can you imagine trying to type with all those fancy rings? I foresee a lot of pain. Sticking to jewelry that enhance your outfit without overpowering it is the best way to go when choosing accessories for work. Check our collection of women fashion rings:

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