10 Matching Bracelets for Couples to Keep Your Loved Ones Close:

10 Matching Bracelets for Couples to Keep Your Loved Ones Close:

Matching Bracelets For Couples 

It is always a hard pill to swallow when your loved ones decide to move far away from you. You go from seeing them once a week to seeing them once a year if you are lucky and that can be hard on a relationship. Sometimes, your loved ones and you need a reminder of how special your relationship is even if they are thousands of miles away. Order our couples bangle set here:

Couples Bangles

Who should be wearing matching bracelets?

All lovers, family members and close friends should wear matching bracelets sets. The meaning of matching bracelets has changed over time. They have gone from being a symbol of marriage, to a symbol of remembrance of a dear one, to a symbol of friendship. The meaning of matching bracelets isn't easy to define, but it is easy to see how they inspire love and friendship. One thing's for sure, they help us keep our loved ones close to our hearts no matter the distance.

What are distant bracelets?

Jewellery from a loved one is not a new tradition. It is a piece of art that you wear on your body and when you look at it, you are reminded of the person who brought you that piece of jewellery. These bracelets are sold in a set of two. You get to wear one bracelet whilst your loved one or friend gets to wear the other.

These bracelets are a symbol of your relationship and a constant reminder that no matter where you are in the world, you always have someone on your side who is cheering you on across the finish line. These bracelets are an astonishing gift that you can give someone before they move away.

These bracelets are made out of semi-precious stones that have their own healing power which gives you the strength to carry on whilst your loved one or friend is far away.


Choosing the perfect matching bracelet for you:

There are a few things you need to consider when making your purchase.

Firstly, you need to consider what material you want the bracelet to be made out of. Secondly, you need to choose your combination of stones or charms. When choosing your stones, it is always nice to go with your birthstones or colors that you are attracted to.

I always like to go for stones that have some form of a meaning behind it, for example, your black stones help with negativity whereas your white stones help to purify the body. It is also a nice idea to choose stones according to your chakras. Please make sure that you research the meaning of the stones in depth before you make your purchase.

Lastly, you need to consider allergens. If your friend or loved one is allergic to a specific material in jewellery, you need to make sure that the bracelets you buy do not have those elements.

King and Queen Matching Bracelets:

These black and white beads bracelet set are ideal for lovers, friends or husband and wife. This King and Queen Charm Bracelet Set is a symbol of love between your partner and you. The crown charm is a symbol of status and authority which allows you to make that important statement about your relationship with your significant other. It also makes a great gift for men or women who are close to their special someone. Order our King and Queen Bracelets set here:

King and Queen Bracelets

Summer Style Rose Gold Beads Bracelet Set:

These rose gold bracelets are very chic and stylish. Ideal for people who like to be in style and wear matching accessories. Order this set of three macramé beaded bracelets here :

Handmade Macramé Beaded Bracelet Set

Tiger Eye and Black beads bracelets:

One of my favourite combinations which allows you to open up your third eye and see the bigger picture in life. The Black beads also helps to defect negativity that surrounds you. This style is unisex and can be worn by men and women. Buy this Tiger eye and black beads bracelet here:

Tiger Eye Bracelet

Twin Hearts BOHO Leather Couple Bracelets:

These leather bracelets are perfect for those long distant relationships. It is always nice to have a constant reminder that there is someone out there who loves and misses you. Buy this matching leather bracelet set here:

Leather Relationship Bracelets for Couples

Rose Quartz and black stones:

Rose quartz is the crystal for self-love whereas the black stones help to get rid of negativity.  These long distant bracelets are ideal for those who are not ok with this move and need a little help accepting it.

True Love Matching Bracelets:

True Love Beaded Bracelets are designed to share a message of love. These bracelets are perfect for sharing a message that you care about your relationship and want to show it with this beautiful bracelet set. Buy this set of black and white beads bracelet set here:

True Love matching bracelets howlite and black beads

Beauty and the Beast stainless steel bracelets:

I love these bracelets as I am a huge Disney fan! Looking down on one of these will always make me smile knowing that my beast is out there somewhere and proud to be my beast.

Galaxy Bracelets:

It is always calming to know that when you look up at the stars at night, you loved one is looking up at the same sky as you regardless of their location. These galaxy bracelets emphasise this point and allow you to look at the same galaxy as each other every second of every day.

Achromatic Beaded Bracelets:

Sometimes simple is better. There is nothing wrong with a plain black and white bracelet to remind you of your perfect partner who is waiting for you at home.

Turquoise and Black Agate Distance Bracelet:

Turquoise is the color of loyalty. Regardless of the hardships that your relationship is going through, these bracelets will be a constant reminder that the relationship is worth the fight.

These are just a few examples of distance bracelets that you can purchase. If you come up with your own ideas, you are able to make up your very own, personal distance bracelet set. Nothing says I love you, miss you and will always be there for you better than a distance bracelet. 

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