Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I ensure my jewelry retains its timeless elegance and durability?

At SurewayDM, we believe in simplicity and excellence. To maintain the exquisite class and lasting durability of your jewelry, we've curated a comprehensive guide of top-tier cleaning and care practices. How to Keep Your Costume Jewelry Looking New

Can I wear my jewelry all the time?

For long-lasting beauty, it's best to take off your jewelry when you're exercising or sleeping, and when using harsh products like hand sanitizer. This helps keep your jewelry looking its best, reflecting SurewayDM's timeless style and durability.

What products can damage my jewelry?

To keep your jewelry shining, avoid contact with lotion, sunscreen, and hand sanitizer. Also, steer clear of bleach, chlorine, hairspray, and other harsh chemicals.

Can I use jewelry cleaner on my jewelries?

It's best to avoid jewelry cleaners, as they may damage the rhodium plating. Instead, opt for mild dish soap and lukewarm water to clean your jewelry. For the ultimate cleaning method, check out our recommended approach here.