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Men's Jewelry

Celtic Knot Leather Bracelet - Anniversary Gift- Couples Jewelryceltic infinity knot leather bracelet men

Celtic Knot Infinity Leather Bracelet...

$57.99 USD $90.00 USD -35%
Matte Black Beads Stretch Bracelet for Men-XLMatte Black Beads Stretch Bracelet

Matte Black Beads Stretch Bracelet...

$39.99 USD $50.00 USD -20%
minimalist black leather braceletMinimalist Black Leather Bracelet

Minimalist Black Leather Bracelet

$41.99 USD $65.00 USD -35%
matte-black-silver-ball-braceletSoccer Ball Silver Beads Bracelet- Black Beads Bracelet

Soccer Ball Silver Beads Bracelet-...

$47.99 USD $68.00 USD -29%
men's bracelet with hamsa charm on itpurple beads volcanic beads stretch bracelet

Lucky Hamsa Charm Beads Bracelet...

$37.99 USD $48.00 USD -20%
Mens Wing Sterling Silver Necklaceangel wing mens necklace

Silver Men's Wing Necklace

$57.99 USD $90.00 USD -35%
mens stainless steel link braceletlink bracelet men

Metal link Bracelet for Men

$55.99 USD $82.00 USD -31%
Black Double Layer Leather Braceletleather-jute-black-bracelet

Black Double Layer Leather Bracelet

$44.99 USD $74.00 USD -39%
men's metal viking braceletmen's metal viking bracelet

Men's Viking Bracelet- Metal Viking...

$39.99 USD $60.00 USD -33%
mens viking necklace- viking jewelryMen's Viking Necklace- Nordic Viking Jewelry

Men's Viking Necklace- Nordic Viking...

$61.99 USD $94.00 USD -34%
fleur de lis leather braceletFleur De Lis Bracelet-Minimalist Leather Men's Bracelet

Fleur De Lis Bracelet-Minimalist Leather...

$47.99 USD $80.00 USD -40%
Cubic Zirconia Diamond Earrings for Menmale earrings, Cubic Zirconia Diamond Earrings for Men

7mm Simulated Diamond Earrings for...

$77.99 USD $130.00 USD -40%
Black Leather BraceletBlack Leather Bracelet With Interlocking Circles

Black Leather Bracelet With Interlocking...

$57.99 USD $90.00 USD -35%
infinity knot braceletInfinity Knot Bracelet- Leather Bracelet

Infinity Knot Bracelet- Leather Bracelet

$41.99 USD $80.00 USD -47%
Men's Leather Bracelet , fleur de lis charmbrown leather bracelet for men, fleur de lis charm

Men's Leather Bracelet - Fleur...

$35.99 USD $50.00 USD -28%
Cool Men Bracelet ,Chain Leather BraceletBrown leather chain bracelet for men, men's leather bracelet

Cool Men Bracelet - Chain...

$47.99 USD $69.00 USD -30%
cross bracelet tiger eyes beaded braceletmen's layered bracelet

Layered Bracelet - Cross Bracelet-...

$57.99 USD $85.00 USD -31%
Men's Brown Leather Bracelet- Laugh Often, Live Well CharmMen's Brown Leather Bracelet- Laugh Often, Live Well Charm

Men's Brown Leather Bracelet- Laugh...

$57.99 USD $65.00 USD -10%
Clip on Earrings , Non Pierced Hoop Earringshoop earrings for men

Clip on Earrings - Non...

$39.99 USD $63.00 USD -36%
tiger eye beads braceletbead bracelets for men

Black Beads Bracelet- Unisex Stretch...

$47.99 USD $75.00 USD -36%
Mens Diamond Stud Earringsscrew-brack mens diamond earrings

Men's Stud Earrings- Round Cut...

$99.00 USD
sterling-silver-chain-necklace-womensterling-silver-chain-necklace-women, rope-chain-necklace, rope chain

Real Necklace For Men|Twist Silver...

$37.99 USD $65.00 USD -41%
braided leather braceletblack braided leather bracelet

Leather Bracelets - New Collection

$57.99 USD $85.00 USD -31% dog tag military necklace men

Cool Necklaces for Men -...

$41.99 USD $80.00 USD -47%
iced-out-chains-rapper chains, hip hop jewelry, iced out chainship-hop-chain-bling, iced-out-chains-rapper chains, hip hop jewelry

Iced Out Chains- Hip Hop...

$41.99 USD $90.00 USD -53%
diamond-earrings-for-men, Diamond Earrings For Men, stud earrings, square stud earringsdiamond earrings for men

Diamond Earrings For Men -...

$67.99 USD $160.00 USD -57%
black lava stone braceletlava volcanic beads bracelet coupels

Lava Stone Bracelet for Men

$39.99 USD $59.00 USD -32%
lava stone bracelet, leopard bracelet for menleopard black beads bracelet onyx

Volcanic Lava Rock Bracelet-Leopard Head...

$47.99 USD $70.00 USD -31%
iced-out-necklace-Urban jewelryce-out-necklace-dollar

Dollar Sign Necklace- Iced Out...

$57.99 USD $95.00 USD -38%
lava rock braceletMen's Lava Stone Bracelets-Set

Men's Lava Stone Bracelets-Set

$57.99 USD $84.00 USD -30%
black stud earrings men dumbbell screw backblack-stud-earrings men, black-earrings-for-men, black earrings, black earrings for guys, black earrings for men, black stud earrings, black stud earrings male, mens black stud earrings

Black Earrings For Men

Starting at $39.99 USD
tiger-eye-beads-bracelet-men-rose-silver, tiger eye bracelet, tiger eye stones, tiger eye jewelry

Tiger Eye Bracelet- Tiger Eye...

$41.99 USD $75.00 USD -44%
Inspirational necklaces for men or women, motivational-necklaces-men, inspirational necklaces, inspirational jewelry, sterling silver inspirational necklaces, inspirational jewelry gifts, , inspirational necklaces for meninspirational necklaces, inspirational jewelry, sterling silver inspirational necklaces, inspirational jewelry gifts

Inspirational Necklace for Men and...

$44.99 USD $80.00 USD -43%
black stone beads necklace for menbeads necklace for men

Men's Beaded Necklace- Black Stone...

$51.99 USD $80.00 USD -35%
men-diamond-studs, hip-hop-earrings,Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings for Mendiamond-stud-earrings-for-men

Cubic Zircon Stud Earrings for...

$39.99 USD $65.00 USD -38%
Evil Eye Leather Bracelet- UnisexEvil Eye Leather Bracelet- Unisex

Evil Eye Leather Bracelet- Unisex

$37.99 USD $65.00 USD -41%
anchor hope bracelet

Anchor Rope Bracelet-Anchor of Hope...

$37.99 USD $60.00 USD -36%
charcole-black-beaded-bracelet-men-women-macrame-Macrame Adjustable CZ Micro Pave Beads Braceletmacrame adjustable black-beads-onyx-bracelet

Men's Beaded Bracelets- Macrame Adjustable...

Starting at $43.99 USD
rose-gold-beaded-bracelet-set-pave-zirconerose gold beads bracelet macrame

Handmade Macramé Beaded Bracelet Set

$67.99 USD $95.00 USD -28%
double layer men braided leather braceletbraided leather bracelet

Double Layer Leather Bracelet Magnetic...

$49.99 USD $80.00 USD -37%
anchor of hope leather braceletanchor hope leather bracelet

Hope Anchor Men's Leather Bracelets-...

$43.99 USD $80.00 USD -45%
inspirational necklace prayer charmSerenity Prayer Necklace Pendant Inspirational Necklace

Serenity Prayer Necklace Pendant Inspirational...

$41.99 USD $88.00 USD -52%
3d Dragon Pendant necklace silver3d Dragon Pendant necklace silver

Stainless Steel Dragon Necklace- 3D...

$41.99 USD $75.00 USD -44%
Men silver chain, fish skeleton necklace, fishbone necklaceblack-fish-skeleton-necklace

Men's Fishing Necklace

$41.99 USD $62.00 USD -32%
black-beaded-bracelet-menBar Beads Bracelets for Men- Pave Cubic Zirconia Stretch Bracelet

Bar Beads Bracelets for Men-...

$41.99 USD $72.00 USD -41%
dragon-bracelet-leatherMen Bracelet- Multi Layer Leather with Vintage Dragon Charm

Men Bracelet- Multi Layer Leather...

$39.99 USD $60.00 USD -33%

Men's Bracelets- Lion Natural Men's...

$51.99 USD $70.00 USD -25%
white-stud-mens-earringsSquare Zircon Stud Earrings for Men

Square Zircon Stud Earrings for...

$47.99 USD $70.00 USD -31%
Handmade metal bracelet for menmetal bracelet for men

Handmade Bracelet for Men -...

$54.99 USD $110.00 USD -50%
Magnetic Bracelet for MenMagnetic Bracelet for Men

Silver Magnetic Bracelet for Men

$57.99 USD $90.00 USD -35%

Stylish Selection of Men's Jewelry for Guys

For men’s jewelry, the rules are easy: yes, you should wear it. A classic men’s bracelet or men’s stud earrings can take your outfit from dull to dazzling in a matter of minutes, so why wouldn’t you try it?
Start by being experimental; you shouldn’t be afraid to mix and match when it comes to jewelry for men. Gold jewelry for men is something you should try for am ore polished and luxuries style. Lava stone men’s bracelets have a laid-back hippie vibe, which makes them perfect for pairing with a sleek metal and leather band—bonus: if you’re Christian, there’s even a cross and blessing-engraved version. Paired together, the two pieces of men’s jewelry balance each other out for a look that says effortless urban cool. Another match: if you’re more of a t-shirt kind of guy, try dressing it up with a simple but smart pair of cubic zirconia men’s stud earrings, or for an extra dose of attitude you could try a pair of black studded hoops that will definitely catch the eye. Wear them with a bold gothic pendant necklace in stainless steel, or a rocker-style guitar pendant and chain that gives just a hint of personality. When it comes to beaded men’s bracelets, there’s more room to experiment, and layering is a good way to start. Mix a buddha men’s bracelet with a stainless style chain or rhodium plated beads, or if that’s too much, try a set that’s done the layering for you, such as a double layered leather men’s bracelet or a multi-strand leather set that features an evil eye charm and bohemian vintage beads. You may also consider the masculine tiger eye bracelet for men. Whether you’re new to men’s jewelry or have an established set of men’s bracelets, necklaces and stud earrings already, there’s always room to put something new to the test.

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