6 Tips to Keep Your Costume Jewelry Looking New

6 Tips to Keep Your Costume Jewelry Looking New

How do you keep jewelry from tarnishing?

Your outfit is never complete without a piece of jewelry to tie the outfit together. There are a few tips and tricks to keep your costume pieces clean. Costume jewelry is fashionable and affordable however, it does not last as long as fine pieces. You cannot find your costume necklaces and rings  cleaners at your local supermarket but there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your fashion jewelry does not tarnish as quickly as it did before. Follow these tips for the best costume jewelry care:

Tip 1: Clean your fashion jewelry

It is very important that you clean your darling pieces after you wear them This might feel like a mission does every single time you wear the piece but cleaning the piece will make it last longer.

Wipe down your piece of jewelry with a soft cloth to ensure that you remove any residues that might be sticking to the metal. Your sweat can accelerate the oxidation of the metal. When cleaning the piece, you remove the risk of oxidation.

You need to stay away from any jewelry cleansers that contain alcohol, vinegar or acid. These substances can damage your the metal or the stone. Make sure that every piece is clean and dry before packing it away.

Tip 2: Keep your costume jewelry dry

This might seem like a simple step that is logical but this is a very important step. When wearing gold or silver, lotions, perfumes or even soap will not tarnish the metal. However, beauty products will create a film on your jewelry, making it dingy and dull. Additionally, it could wear out the plating and cause it to tarnish.

Certain metals such as brass or copper will oxidise and you will start to see the colour change slowly. This is known as Verdigris. You need to make sure that you remove your costume pieces before washing your hands or applying your lotion to ensure that you do not get the greenish traces of your bracelets and rings on your skin.

If you do get moisture on your jewelry, all you need to do it dry off the piece.

Tip 3: Do not wear your costume jewelry often

They say that you should not wear the same pair of shoes too many days in a row, same goes for your jewelry. This step will be beneficial for your earrings, necklaces and bracelets care and preserve the life of your piece.

Due to the fact that costume jewelry is affordable, you can buy more than one piece of the same style so that the pieces do not discolour quickly. A change is as good as a holiday… so there is nothing wrong with wearing a different piece every day to suit your outfit.

Tip 4: Don't wear it unless you need it

You do not walk around with 3 pairs of socks on and carry around 2 jackets if you do not have to, therefore, you do not need to wear your costume jewelry every second of every day. Please note that you should not go to sleep with jewelry on as it will damage the piece as well as tarnish the piece quicker than it should.

There is a chemical reaction that happens when you start to see the green traces on your skin. The metal reacts with the acidity in your skin and you do not want to wake up with a green ear or finger.

Tip 5: Don't use clear nail polish

Many people have heard that if you coat your piece of costume jewelry with clear nail polish, it will help preserve the look of the piece. This is not 100% true. By placing polish on the outside of the piece, you risk changing the appearance and colour of the metal and stone before you even wear it. Keep in mind, that clear nail polish is not a type of glue so it will eventually rub off. This can cause the silver or gold plating of the piece to chip.

You can place clear nail polish on the inside of your rings to protect them and to help stop the green traces from going onto your skin.

Tip 6: Store your costume jewelry correctly

The way that you store your pieces is vital. The best way to store your pieces is in individual cotton or soft pouches. It is best that you store your necklaces hanging up to prevent knots in the chain. Keep in mind that you need to keep your pieces as far away from each other as possible. In other words, as long as the pieces are not touching each other, the way you storing them is good enough.

If you have a large box where you keep your rings and bracelets that are great but if not, you need to rethink your storage plan.

As you can see these 6 steps will help you preserve your fashion jewelry for longer. Care is essential when it comes to keeping your pieces looking as good as new and to help your skin from going green.

Follow these 6 easy steps and you will be able to wear your favourite costume jewelry season after season.

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