7 Pairs of Office Shoes That Every Working Woman Should Own

7 Pairs of Office Shoes That Every Working Woman Should Own

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As tempting as it may sound to jam your closet with sky-high heels and cute cartoon-motif slippers, they are not the most practical of footwear buys. This is particularly true when it comes to your working wardrobe.

With office-appropriate shoes and elegant attire you send out the right message; you are a confident and consummate professional. 

Wearing professional attire doesn't mean is has to be plain and boring. You can still incorporate you favorite anklet and wear it to work with these shoes.

Here are you suggestion of the shoes and anklets for the seven modern-day staples for your 9-5 outfit.

1. Classic Pump

Black pumps are timeless .You can never go wrong with classic black pumps, they are discreet enough for day to day wear without compromising sophistication. You can still wear your an elegant anklet and be office appropriate. 

Anklets with pumps
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2. Running Shoes

If you commute to work, your feet will thank you! Running shoes, or any training shoes for that matter, may not be the most attractive of footwear, but what they lack in looks they make up for in practicality. Just slip them on to make your journey to and from your work place a breeze.

anklets with running shoes
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3. Flats

Nothing beats flat shoes to wear to work! Flat shoes are comfortable and practical. With flat shoes, you won’t have to sacrifice looks for comfort. Flats are back in fashion and stores offer wide selections of colors and styles. From smart pointed toes to sultry lace ups are on offer too.

anklets with flat shoes

4. Kitten Heel

If your makes you spend a lot of time on the move, high heels may not always be the most practical choice. A sleek pair of kitten heels will keep your feet happy without compromising your style.

anklets with kitten heels
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5. Nude Pumps

Just like black pumps, nude pumps are a wardrobe foolproof. Not only do nude pumps go with any outfit, they also make you legs look leaner and longer.

Anklets with nude pumps

6. Patent Loafers

Loafers always add a touch of polish and sophistication to you business attire. They especially work well when matched with tapered trousers or culottes.

Anklets with patent loafers
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7. Foldable Ballet Flats

Slip into something a little more comfortable. Pop them in your purse or keep a pair in your desk drawer at work so you are ready to roll when your sky high heels become a pain.

anklets with ballet foldable shoes


Now it is your turn to share what shoes you pair with your office attire!

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