Are Body Chains in Style?

Are Body Chains in Style?

In-Style Body Chains

Are you looking for the latest in fashionable jewelry? Body chains are coming back with a vengeance and this is one trend that can suit any body type, any personality and will help you create your latest fashion statement. We are going to show you some gorgeous pieces that are going to uplift your collection. Body chains are a great way to finish off an outfit and they are so versatile. One chain can change the look of your outfit, whether it is an evening gown or a casual lunch date.

Think of your body chain as a body chain bracelet. A bracelet always brings out the best features on yourself and your body chain is going to do the same thing. This is going to become your next best accessory for all occasions!

Layered thin chain

The jewelry world is changing with the times and the latest look is layering your pieces. I love this layered thin chain look due to the fact that you can wear the chain with so many different colours and outfits. The thin chains allow you to layer more than one chain on at a time without the piece looking chunky and over powering.

You can layer with only one type of silver or you can layer with gold, silver and even rose gold. The layered thin chain will look nice going up your arm, leg or even around your neck to create a statement and shift the focus to your face and hair.

SureWayDM has a marvellous thin layered necklace that has different colours gems as the centre piece of each chain. This is one of my favourite pieces because it is elegant and yet makes a statement. The different shaped pendants add volume to the piece and create a long neck line which is something we all wish we had. Nice thing about this piece is that the chains won’t get tangled around your neck which is always an added bonus! 


Body chain harness

This gold Body chain harness is a must have piece in any body chain collection. The gold looks good on any skin colour and will bring out your natural tan. This piece can be bought from SureWayDM and it an astonishing accessory to your beach or by the pool outfits

You can pair this chain with your favourite tank top or you can even wear it over a plain shirt to bring some colour and design to your shirt.

Full body chain

A full body chain might seem like a bad idea but I promise you, once you purchase one, you will not be disappointed! Keep in mind that it does not matter what size you are. You drape the chain in a way that works for you and it will suit anyone. Jewelry does not discriminate.

Body chains are not just a fashion statement but they are a sign of confidence which is why I love them so much. You can wrap the chains around your top or dress to create a lovely little belt. This is one of the most common ways to use them.

Designers are becoming more creative with their body chains and you can now have a chain that wraps around your neck like a normal necklace, runs down your body and then joins around your waist like a belt.

There are so many different styles out there for you to choose from. Once you start buying, it’s going to be hard to stop. Personally, I really enjoy the full body chain that wraps around your neck and has space for you to place your arms through the holes and it drapes down your body. This creates a winged effect which is stunning for all sized bodies.

Silver belly chain

A silver belly chain is a striking accessory to use during the summer seasons. Most of them have a clasp at the beginning of the chain so that it’s easy for you to wrap around your waist. You can get different thicknesses of chains as well as the chains can be layered. This will give the jewelry a ripple effect.

It is highly advised that you buy sterling silver. The silver is going to last longer and can withstand a lot more than your cheaper pieces. If you are going to wear the chain on your bare skin, you are going to need to apply suntan lotion. Sterling silver will be able to handle the lotion without fading in colour or getting ruined.

Body chain bralette

The final body chain we are introducing to you today is a body chain Bralette. Not many people know what this piece is.

A Bralette is a piece of jewellery that is made up of different layers of chains that mimic the look of a bra. It does go all around your bust area which makes it a great add on to your bikini collection.

You can wear the body chain bralette over your bra or bikini top to add some sparkle and glam to your outfit. Take your time finding this piece as you need to make sure that you purchase the right size otherwise the piece will not give you the desired effect it was designed for.

After purchasing your body chain, you need to keep in mind that you need to store it correctly so that you do not damage the chain or get them tangled. Most of the designs mentioned above have been designed so that they can’t be tangled easily but you still need to take good care of them.

Body chains are the perfect accessory for your swimwear, casual looks and over all outfit choices. If you are wondering why you should buy one, do yourself a favour. Buy a body chain from one of the links above, see how they uplift and transform your outfits and you will answer your own question as to why you should buy a body chain. 

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