Beach Jewelry Trends

Beach Jewelry Trends

What jewelry should I wear to the beach?

Jewelry isn't just for evening wear or fancy occasions. Planning on going to the beach? Then you may as well do so with style. Jewelry always bolsters your look, adding extra pizzazz to your outfits that are sure to turn heads, even bathing suits.

The best beach jewelry trends to rock at the beach is meant to accentuate your swimwear not overshadow it. Your choice of jewelry should resonate with the beach feeling and vibe.

A lot of people may want to leave behind their precious gewgaws, bangles, and gemstones when heading to the beach for fear of losing them, but they surely will complement your perfectly bronzed skin.

Tips for Jewelry Choices

Not all types of jewelry are appropriate for going to the beach, however. Some do's and don'ts:

  • Leave your diamonds at the hotel or at home. Instead, go for colorful jewelry, pieces that will add a more vibrant look to your ensemble. 
  • A pair of dangling silver earrings or a chain draping gracefully from your neck will do wonders for your bikini outfit.
  • Go for genuine pieces, as plated ones will not survive the water and sand.
  • Mix and match your silver and gold darlings with more colorful, eye-catching choices.
  • Don’t overburden yourself with stacks upon stacks of jewelry. Keep it simple, you’ll still look great. For example, just a few bangles on your arm will look really cool.
  • On the other hand, petite rings can easily get lost when you’re in the water. It’s best to leave them at home. Moreover, the rings can be quite irritating when putting on sunscreen.
  • Accentuate your best assets: a long, flattering neck piece, bright earrings to beautifully complement your beach hair, extra-cute anklets.
  • Looking to bring out your tan? Gemstones like rutilated quartz, rainbow opals, blue opals, green tourmaline, and turquoise will effortlessly do that.
  • Go all out. Get yourself an elaborate bikini body chain, shaped like a bikini top but made of tiny links like a bracelet or necklace. What have you got to lose anyway? Besides, you’ll look absolutely incredible.

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How Should You Wear Your Jewelry at The Beach?

The beach is fast becoming a sort of cat-walk. So, what trinkets and baubles should you wear to join the club of fashion-forward people? By following the advice below, you’ll easily be on your way to becoming a fashionista.

Match Your Styles

Brightly colored hoop earrings will pair well with a sporty swimsuit. If your bikini choice has trendy graphics, go for bright colored pieces such as pink or neon. Should you opt for a classic swimsuit that has high cut bottoms, then jewelry such as barrettes and retro pendants will match really well.

For a more contemporary look, the best accessories are color-block necklaces and cuff bracelets. If you fancy exotic swimsuits, then Moroccan chic exotic jewelry will be the ideal selection.

An easy-going and romantic soul who prefers a simple bikini should match it with a pendant necklace, silver, or gold bracelet. On the other hand, if you prefer a retro swimsuit then retro jewelry such as a pair of retro earrings is the way to go.

You can also add some oomph to your beachy look by coordinating your jewelry with your other accessories. For instance, your necklace or pendant can be the same color as your bag or you can wear a bracelet that is the same pattern as your flip-flops


Low-maintenance jewelry means you’ll worry less about your pieces.

Metals like sterling silver, copper, and pewter easily tarnish because of the water and salt. It’s best to stick to white gold, solid gold, platinum, and genuine silver which are able to withstand the effects of water and sand.

To some extent, your jewelry should be waterproof. That is, some parts or color of your jewelry shouldn’t fall off or fade if you spend a bit of time in the water.

If you’re not sure about the durability of the pieces you are about to buy, go for cheaper options which can be easily replaced.

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Your Beach Jewelry Checklist

  • Don’t shy away from colorful jewelry. They will look beautiful against your tanned skin.
  • Allow your jewelry to express your sense of style and personality.
  • Choose chunky pieces which are noticeable and less delicate.
  • Since you’ll be wearing very little at the beach. Let your jewelry take center stage. Layer and stack your jewels but remember not to overdo it. 
  • Choose necklaces, bangles, and earrings over rings.
  • After a fabulous day at the beach, remember to wash your jewelry with water and mild soap in order to remove residual seawater which may cause your pieces to tarnish or rust.

Ultimately, the ideal way to accessorize with jewelry is to buy pieces that bring out your personality. This way, anything you choose won’t be a fashion faux pas but rather a reflection of your unique sense of style and personality. After all, it should be all about fun and games at the beach.

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