Biker Jewelry Trend 2022

Biker Jewelry Trend 2022

What is The Biker Jewelry Trend?

People wear jewelry to make a statement, and the kind that makes the boldest statement is biker jewelry. Whether you are a lady or a tough guy, if you’re looking for that simple something to add some edge to your outfit, then pay attention.

Crosses, snakes, roses, thorns, angels, demons, blades and the grim reaper are all images that can be found on a motorcyclist’s gear. To correlate with these hard-hitting themes of religion, sex and death, the main materials in this genre of jewelry are black enamel, sterling silver and of course, stainless steel. Bikers are notorious bad boys so when it comes to their jewelry, it is no surprise that they have the same taste.

Wearing this kind of jewelry is both a way to stand out, and to feel a sense of belonging or to identify with the free-spirited lifestyle of someone on the road. This men's bangle can be ordered from here.

Men's Bangle


Who can pull motorcycle jewelry off?

This trend has been adopted all over the globe by people of various backgrounds. Rider jewelry is even quite popular with many stylish music celebrities. The artists don the flashy biker jewelry from bracelets, rings, necklaces and jackets to attract the eye of their fans and look trendy. Biker jewelry also defies the gender restrictions that seem to exist with most jewelry, and the style can be pulled off by men and women. Clearly, no restriction is placed on who can wear it in today’s evolving world.

Types of Biker Jewelry

Some of the hottest trends in biker jewelry include bracelets, finger armor, studded leather wrist bands, necklaces, earrings and rings, amongst several others.


bike chain bracelet
  • Bike chain bracelets:

Biker chain bracelets are a huge part of the jewelry that bikers select because they can be designed in many different themes to give them that “bad” look that bikers crave. They are made of different materials such as gold, silver, titanium and stainless steel, among others, and come in a wide range of styles for both men and women. You can find bikers wearing sterling silver chain bracelets with pendants such as skulls and roses, sometimes even bleeding roses.

Classy individuals with some cash to spare go for gold or silver bracelets that give a statement about class, while the younger generations want a classic biker look and mostly go for those made of stainless steel, titanium or leather ropes. Order our biker chain bracelet here.

Clip on earrings for men


  • Men's biker earrings:

Today piercing both ears is now one of the most popular trends in many cities across the world. Men and women riders are finding themselves more and more intrigued with gemstones and the way they look with stainless steel and sterling silver. The result is that diamonds and various gemstones are being placed in the eyes of skulls, of the grim reaper and even on earrings attached to biker’s ears.

The most popular trend is that of diamond studs with large stones that look quite fashionable. For individuals who cannot afford diamond stud, biker cubic zirconium is still a hot trend that will make you look cool and fashionable on any given day. Order Clip on Earrings - Non Pierced Hoop Earrings here

biker chain necklace


  • Biker chain necklaces:

Today many young men and women across the world adorn biker necklaces around their necks. Gold or platinum chain and pendant necklaces gives you an urban feel and look but if you want a classic artistic look then you should go for a leather rope necklace with a silver or titanium pendant. Buy this biker chain necklace from here.


  • Men's Biker rings:

Rings are some of the trendiest biker accessories items online today. To make a statement different colors such as pink, turquoise, onyx or amber are used. For a classic look, go for a silver, stainless steel or titanium ring. The knuckleduster is also a great addition for biker’s which has been transformed from a weapon to a dual-purpose accessory.

Belly-rings are more commonly seen on women but lip rings and tongue rings are unisex, with the same icons of skulls and roses. In recent years, the colors red, purple and blue have been added to the combination of black and silver.


Whatever your choice, you are sure to look trendy in biker jewelry. And here’s the secret: you don’t have to be a biker to wear it!


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