Bracelets for Women

Most Popular Bracelets for Women of All Times

What are the most popular bracelets right now?

Bracelets for women is an obsession that you may have started since high school; Wearing and buying charm bracelets, collecting each pendant to accentuate our personalised styles. That was an obsession for us and who could blame us? The colourful and shiny jewelry wa

s enough to attract any woman’s attention, let alone a teenager.

Years later, the shiny women's charm bracelets still manage to catch our attention and remain one of the most popular bracelets style. Our ages may have changed, but our eye for taste, have definitely not. So on the spirit of having your backs, we have compiled a list that helps you to identify which best fits your style of fashion.

Wrap Leather Bracelets for Women

This women's charm bracelet is perfect for the gal who rocks the casual or street-chic style and wants to wear grunge fashion but still wants to show a bit of her feminine style. The accented rose gold locks are great for any outfit because they are not too over the top so as to ruin the aesthetic of your outfit. Chic and feminine, why choose when you can be both?

Wrap Leather Bracelet for Women from SurewayDM

Wrap Leather Bracelet for Women from SurewayDM

Infinity Bracelet for Women

With this sterling silver bracelet with added Zirconia stones and an infinity pendant, you are sure to make a statement with your wrist. Charm bracelets for women are the perfect gift to your girlfriends as a show of friendship. Checkout our collection of beautiful bracelets for ladies for the more stylish designs.

Silver Infinity Bracelet for Women

Silver Infinity Women's Bracelet

Red Crystal Women's Bracelet

Simplicity is all fine and dandy, but sometimes you do want extravagance to draw the attention your wrist. Nothing is more eye-catching than this Red Crystal bracelet. The perfection addition to your look for your club outing with that date. Just raise your wrist to the light and watch the bracelet come to life once the lights hit the crystals.

Red Crystal Women’s Bracelet

Red Crystal Bracelets for Women Popular Design

Pink & White Beaded Bracelets for Women

This artisan styled glass beads is perfect for the woman who is not afraid to show her “girly” side as demonstrated by the pink crystal-accented beads at the front. It is even finished off with a flower pendant and if that doesn’t yell, ‘I am a girly girl and proud.’ Plus, it has a barrel clasp so you feel secure when you strut your stuff in your floral dress skipping somewhere in a meadow.

Pink and White Beaded Bracelet for Women

Silver Heart Women's Charm Bracelet

If ever you needed to make a statement, this silver heart charm bracelet is the best move to do so. The smooth silver finish with each decorative yet elegant pendant is for the woman that wants her wrist to stand out for any occasion. A fun outing, dinner with friends, a date with your partner, this women's charm bracelet pairs well with any outfit you decide to wear. An added bonus is how sleek it is and you can add or remove any pendant to match your style. 

Silver Heart Women’s Charm Bracelet

Popular Silver Heart Charm Bracelets Timeless Style

Rose Gold Chain Women's Bracelet

Did you gasp at this champagne gold charm bracelet? Go ahead, we wouldn’t blame you and we certainly don’t judge. Especially when it is entirely justified. It took our breath away as well. One stand out feature from this charm bracelet is that it has 3D fishnet nylon tubes that are filled with golden crystals for that added spark needed to bring the magic to your wrist. One thing is absolutely certain with this bracelet and that is that it will make you the talk of the town and the envy of your friends. Although you can always share the store where you bought it with them. Everyone wins.

Popular in All Times Rose Gold Chain Bracelets
Popular in All Times Rose Gold Chain Bracelets

Silver Beaded Wrap Bracelets for Women

Don’t be fooled by the silver beads, this wrap leather bracelet is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. The beads on these popular bracelets are just an added faucet to give you that kick you need for boosted confidence in your outfit. This bracelet is the completion for that club outfit with the magnetic clasp being a lifesaver when your nails are just done and refused to corporate with a traditional clasp. Just snap it on and go. Side note, crystal bead mixtures are so in right now. Let it not be said that we have never put you on to the trend.

Most Popular Silver Beaded Bracelets Designs

Most Popular Silver Beaded Bracelets Designs

Natural Stone Beads Macramé Bracelets for Women

Another hot topic on the trendy market is the natural stone beads macramé bracelets. The promotion of the holistic lifestyle has many people benign conscious about returning to a time of simpler means. This includes less glamorous but no less fashionable jewellery. If you are a creature of habit and you prefer to wear a bracelet that you don’t have to take off when you take a shower or go for a swim or something that is just fit for everyday wear, the Natural Stone Beads Macrame bracelet is fantastic for you. This is also the best for those who have sensitive skin and instead of going through the hassle of searching for hypoallergenic jewellery can be secured in wearing a black stringed bracelet. This is still just as trendy as gold, platinum and or silver.

natural stone bracelets for women
Popular Natural Stone Beads Bracelets for a Casual Style

Gold Charm Bracelet for Women

If it has not been clear before now, we love a good gold and silver combination hue when it comes to our bracelets and this one is no different. Studded crystals and a lobster type clasp, this bracelet screams, ‘Take a look at me,’ and we are looking. It is the perfect designer dupe without the hefty price tag. You have the option of buying the bracelet with all the charms or you can do what we do and mix and match because we like to have fun with it. Besides, it helps to show your personality which is a great fit with this bracelet.
gold charm bracelets for women
Gold Charm Bracelets Popular Design for Women

Tennis Slider Women's Bracelet

Now you know we cannot talk about charm bracelets without mentioning the OG charm bracelet of all time. The sort of queen to which all the others, though queens in their own rights, bow down to. That is the Tennis Slider bracelet. This charm bracelet was definitely the talk of the town and to this day is still used as a status symbol. A position that is well deserved. The carefully crafted row of twinkling crystals is set into the adjustable slider to provide your wrist with the maximum comfort so you can not only look good but feel good. Without hesitation, this should be a staple in every woman’s jewellery box as there will always be an event for which Tennis Slider charm bracelets for women will always be appropriate. 

Tennis Bracelets for Women

Tennis Sliders Women's Bracelets

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