Couples Matching Jewelry Gifts; Nothing Says I Love You Better!

Couples Matching Jewelry Gifts; Nothing Says I Love You Better!

Couples Matching Jewelry Gifts Ideas

There is no better gift than a permanent symbol of your love for each other. Now you both can wear matching sets of couple’s jewelry. Below you will find ideas of matching jewelry such as couples cross necklaces, matching bracelets, lock and key charms and more.


“Two halves of a whole” Pendants:

These pendants are typically worn on a chain as a necklace. You can find these pendants in many different shapes and styles. The common ones are puzzle piece styled which means that you can intertwine the symbols to complete a certain shape. You are going to need to find a symbol that you both love and will be proud of wearing to show off your love for each other


Half hearts necklace


Matching Bracelets:

Couples matching bracelets are ideal for people who want to keep their relationship private and on the down low. You can also get matching bracelets to commemorate a milestone in your relationship such as the birth of your children or a holiday you shared together.

There are so many different options out there and keep in mind that even though you want to have the same bracelet you can still have different materials that suit your own personality.


Matching bracelet king and queen


Lock and Key Charms:


Lock and key charms are known more as friendship symbols however, nowadays, you can wear lock and key chains to symbolise your love for your spouse or soon to be spouse. The main idea is that the key unlocks the lock to your heart and soul. Rather romantic wouldn’t you think? There is only one key to your lock and your spouse ‘holds the key to your heart.

Key and lock promise bracelet for couples


Exchanged Necklaces:


This type of exchange happens when you start to wear a necklace or another piece of precious jewelry that your loved one used to wear before you exchanged. The idea behind it is that you always have something of theirs with you wherever you go.


angel wing necklace for couples


Personalized  Engravings:


This is personally one of my favourite options out there for his and hers jewelry. You both choose a piece of jewelry such as a ring, watch or bracelet and on the inside; you engrave a little message to your loved one. The reason why I love this idea so much is the fact that there might be thousands of rings out there that look exactly like your ring but you are always going to have a unique message of love inside your symbol of eternity.


Memory Lockets:


Memory lockets are one of the oldest tricks in the book for couple’s jewelry. We are all used to having a picture in the locket but you can put a modern twist on this idea and place a grain of sand in the locket from your honeymoon or a piece of dried flower from your wedding boutique.

No matter what type of couple’s matching jewelry you decide on, wear your piece with pride and always remember that these symbols of love will always bond you guys in a whole new way.

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