Elephant Jewelry Gifts for Good Luck

Elephant Jewelry Gifts for Good Luck

Why do people consider elephant necklaces and bracelets a good luck gift.

Animal jewelry has continually emerged as one of the most popular jewelleries among animal lovers. One of the reasons for this is because of the emergence of elephant ornaments in accessories. Necklaces and bracelets with elephant charms have been making a heavy impact on current fashion. Their stylish symbolism makes a smart choice for jewelry lines and everyday wear.

The elephant is an animal that is so special. It is a wondrous creature that represents a lot of things. It is considered to be the most positive animal symbols with no negative representations.

Silver Elephant Anklet

Which type of elephant brings good luck?

Elephants of all colors and types represent strength and good fortune. An elephant with raised trunk is supposed to bring more positive energy. It also represents health and happiness. It is thought to endorse spiritual wellbeing in our daily lives.

Naturally, an elephant is strong. It is also nurturing. It is one loyal species of animals. It is determined and protective. It acts as a reminder to us to be true to ourselves and teach us that with a little strength and determination, we can overcome any challenge that comes our way. Apart from this, there are many lessons elephant teaches us. Gifting a necklace with a silver elephant pendant makes a meaningful gift to someone special.

Although it is one of the world’s largest animals, elephant never rely on its speed. Rather, it is conscious thought and patience to get to its place of destination that make up for its low speed. In regards to this, the elephant teaches us the need to be patient. It teaches us the quality of patience so that we can manage all life situations with calmness and confidence.

Truly, an elephant is one animal that is didactic in nature. Little wonder it is highly revered in virtually all cultures. Thus, gorgeous elephant charms have become so popular.

Mom and Baby Elephant Necklace

Are elephant necklaces good luck?

Not only elephant necklaces, rings, bracelets and anklets adorned with elephant ornaments make the perfect everyday jewelry; especially when beautifully detailed. To achieve a more statement look, try out lucky elephant necklaces layered with a simple chain necklace. 


Vintage Elephant Necklace

What does a gift of an elephant mean?

As the popular parlance goes; “an elephant never forgets”. Such is the impression an elephant jewelry gift makes on your loved ones. Elephant jewelry always makes an unforgettable gift for your loved ones.

Elephants have strong ties to their families. Giving your family member elephant jewelry will equally create a unique connection. Trust us, a necklace with elephant pendant make a thoughtful gift for any occasion. It is that versatile. It is also the perfect lucky talisman for somebody going travelling. If you want to give the gift of good fortune and wish someone luck with new adventure, elephant bracelet or necklace is such a great idea.

To keep good fortune with you all day, lucky elephant jewelry is highly recommended. Lucky elephant bracelets, anklets and necklaces keep you away from danger and misfortunes.


Lucky Elephant String Bracelet

What does an elephant mean spiritually?

The elephant is praised in many Asian cultures as the bringer of good fortune. It is considered a symbol of strength, loyalty and patience. Frequently, ceremonies occur in which people makes offerings to elephants. It is a way of asking for their families or community to be blessed with luck and good will.

In Hinduism, elephants also hold a sacred symbolism. There is a god worshipped in the Hindu culture. The deity is named Ganesha. He is an embodiment of an elephant, and is highly worshipped. He is revered as a remover of obstacles and a good luck symbol. The people of Hindu consider him to be the ‘elephant god’. It is also thought to be the symbol of wisdom and intelligence.


Elephant Charm String Bracelet

In Buddhism, the elephant is admired for its strengths. It is known to be ‘the guardian of the temples’. Following the Buddhist tradition, many people actually use the elephant statutes in their homes. The statute faces the front door to bring good luck into the house. In recent times, there have been debates concerning the position of the elephant’s trunk. Despite these arguments, the elephant is a perfect symbol to promote good fortune or gift someone special a gift of luck.

In Christianity, the elephant also symbolises something. It represents patience, chastity and temperance. To the Chinese people, elephant is a symbol of happiness, good luck and longevity.

The elephant is also believed to be a symbol of fertility. The white elephant is considered as the most sacred. In United States, the elephant is also used as a symbol for the Republican Party.

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