Five Fabulous Gift Ideas For Your Better Half

Five Fabulous Gift Ideas For Your Better Half

Gifts Buying Guide For Couples

We’ve all heard the saying “It is not the gift, but the thought that counts”. When it comes to making the person you love and who makes you happy feel special on a few occasions, you don’t want to leave any stone unturned. Having said that, we also understand that at times it gets extremely difficult to come up with an idea for your partner. Although the process of gifting has definitely evolved, the subtle art of gifting has also developed. 

Jewelry gifting has forever been a solid investment and is even more prominent today. In 2017, U.S. retail sales pertaining to fine jewelry and watches amounted to about 78.1 billion U.S. dollars. This statistic well elucidates how much people look forward to receiving these things as gifts. So we’ve come up with a list that focuses primarily on jewelry gift ideas for both women and men. 

 Necklace and Pendants

How wonderful it truly is to get a gift from your special someone that you can treasure it next to your heart all through the day. And it just gets better when these come as amazing fashionable jewelry that adds the oomph factor to your look. From New-Wave Personalised necklaces with a minimalist take on the nameplate or a beautiful initialed tag of the two of you, your girl will wear these choker necklaces or longer ones with pride. There is also a variety of options for the ones wanting to splurge and can go for the gold and diamond pendants. Dainty chain necklaces are also in this season.

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Gold guardian angle necklace for women


 Extraordinary Earrings

Nothing speaks of style more than a wisely chosen pair of earrings that bring the fashionista inside your better half to life. The Western influences infusing Fall/Winter 2018-2019 collections showcased some really offbeat statement earrings. The Boho feather and the danglers with silver detailing caught the eyes of many. Or opt for golden hoops as well as the smash- hit Eighties earrings. Even the men in your life can smash it with classy studs. Men’s stud earrings look uber cool for an adventurous sport like motorbiking.

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Diamond earrings for men


 Neck Chain For The Man In Your Life

If you really want your man to flaunt a personalized jewelry that you longingly got him but he’s not really fond of jewels, you can not go wrong with a simple chain necklace. You can opt for the heavier sterling silver chains that add an extra weight to the overall look. Or go for a simple gold chain that rests beneath his shirt all day long.

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Iced out dollar sign necklace for men


 Engagement Ring

Rings have forever been a statement jewelry that has commemorated the commitment and the love a couple has for one another through time. From rose gold rings with marquise diamonds that look like a dream on her hands to minimalist rings that complement your partner’s everyday look. There is something for everyone here. Imagine a glistening ring on her finger as she sips on some good old wine. Classy!

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Swarovski Diamond engagement ring for women


 Yin Yang Couples Matching Bracelets

Bracelets are no longer considered as a feminine jewelry. Couple bracelets bought in a set of 2 have been quickly made popular by the youth. This is a super thoughtful gift especially if you are a long distance couple and just like a ring, bracelets can be easily flaunted every day. You need to first analyze what kind of design will suit both of your personalities. The design you finally choose, shouldn’t be unflattering to either one of you. There is a multitude of options like hand stamped bracelets, thick chained couple bracelets, personalized infinity bands, Moon and Sun bracelets, customized cuffs, leather braided ones, etc.

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Yin Yang couples beaded bracelet



The best part of today’s Internet generation may as well be the ease with which you may be exploring the web for your partner’s tastes. And with just a click, order anything your partner might fancy. We hope we have been able to make the process of selecting a gift a happier one.

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