How to Choose Bridal Jewelry by Face Shape

How to Choose Bridal Jewelry by Face Shape

How to Choose Wedding Jewelry

Every bride’s greatest desire is to look like a picture perfect princess on her wedding day, therefore having her attire and accessories, along with hair and makeup are done to the “T” is absolutely critical.

The shape of your face will significantly influence the style and type of neckline that your dress should have as well as the jewelry you should wear. Henceforth, the neckline of your dress similarly impacts your jewelry choices.

Identifying your Face Shape

Identifying face shape is the first step in helping any woman deciding on which neckline and accessories to wear for the perfect look. Be it choosing the wedding dress neckline or every day's top, knowing your face shape and then following certain basic rules, you can easily ace the look you desire.

Here are the most common categories when it comes to face shapes;

  • Oval
  • Round
  • Oblong / Rectangular
  • Square
  • Heart / Inverted Triangle
  • Pear/triangle
  • Diamond

To find out which facial shape you are, pull back and tie your hair so that your forehead shows. Now you can either have someone take a picture of your face and print it out or outline the reflection of your face in the mirror on a piece of wax paper.

Hereafter, you can compare the shape of your face with the shapes mentioned above.

When you have identified which facial shape suits you best, follow these simple guidelines in choosing the seamless neckline for your dress and in turn the perfect bridal jewelry.


What neckline is best for a bride with oval face shape?

Oval face is considered as the perfect face shape, as any style compliments this face shape, the oval is soft and curved with an equal distance from hairline to eyebrow and eyebrow to chin. Here is what compliments your face in terms of neckline choice and jewelry:

  • With this facial type you can wear any type of neckline with any type of jewelry that balances the neckline.
  •  If you are wearing your hair up you can wear earrings or hair jewelry, if you are wearing your hair down a decorative necklace is seemly. Keep in mind to match your jewelry to the design and textures of your gown and neckline style.


Front back earrings


Open Heart Necklace - Sterling Silver Necklace for Her


The most flattering neckline and jewelry for a round face shape

A round face is softly curved and has a distance all around that is equal.  Your choice for neckline and jewelry should follow this guideline:

  • The idea with a round face is to try and elongate and thin it out, therefore a deep V-neckline is most desired.
  • Asymmetrical jewelry creates a vertical line that draws the eye up or down to break up the roundness of your face.
  • Long Drop earrings help to add length to the face, and soft curving shapes such as pearls and glass with the addition of a tiara, or decoration on the head, also extends the face.


silver tassel earrings


Freshwater Pearl Necklace Choker


Which wedding dress neckline and jewelry are becoming to an oblong face?

The main characteristic of an oblong face is that it is longer than it is wide, on the contrary it may have sharp and angular, or soft and curved features.

  • A boatneck, Sabrina or off the shoulder neckline is perfect for this facial type
  • Wear shorter earrings and necklaces, or a hairpiece above the ears.
Silver Hoop Earrings for Women


What wedding dress neckline and jewelry suit a square face?

A strong jawline and a matching distance of the top of the face and chin, to the width of the face, distinguish a square face.

  • Square faces desperately need curves, therefore a scalloped edged or lace trimmed neckline should do the trick.
  • Minimal earing styles, long necklaces, and a tiara styled headdress, are the most exquisite accompaniments to praise a square face.


Pearl Stud earrings in sterling silver


Silver Bow Necklace for Women


What dress neckline and jewelry looks good on a heart shaped face?

Easily marked, by the wide brow area and narrow chin the heart shape face can also have sharp angles or soft curves. 
  • Strong horizontal clothing lines, and a boatneck, Sabrina, portrait, turtleneck or off the shoulder neckline, are all amiable candidates for this facial type. 
  • Finish your gown off with teardrop earrings and shorter necklaces, or a wide ribbon choker with a striking pendant.
Pearl Gold Drop Earrings


Teardrop Filigree Pendant Necklace-Rose Gold


What type of dress neckline and jewelry are suited to Triangle face?

The triangle or pear-shaped face has a narrow brow and broad jawline, pretty much the opposite of the heart-shaped face. 
  • A V-neckline, collared shirt, sweetheart neckline or queen Anne neckline will work best for this facial shape. 
  • With this type of face you want the focus to be on the upper parts of your face, by implementing small cluster earrings and a stylish headdress or embellished headband you can achieve this. For a necklace, I would go with something that is curved and of a soft and elegant design.


Crystal Ear Cuffs for Women


Square Cubic Zirconia Necklace in Sterling Silver


How to choose the best wedding dress neckline and bridal jewelry for a Diamond Shaped Face

This facial type is a well balanced, angular with the most width at the cheekbones.

Diamond shaped faces can wear basically any type of neckline or jewelry style, similarly to the Oval face. On the contrary, make sure that your jewelry style matches the style and patterns of your gown and neckline.

Long Dangle Earrings for Women


Interlocking Heart Charm Necklace - Gold Tone


Final thought on how to choose bridal jewelry by face shape;

Sticking to the right type of neckline when it comes to your wedding gown, as well as the right type of jewelry, can efficiently accentuate all the attractive aspects of your specific facial shape and conceal the undesirable traits. 

However when choosing a specific neckline, keep in mind that this can likewise affect your choice in jewelry. Necklaces are more flattering with lower necklines, whereas earrings are particularly hanging earrings are more suitable with an up-style hair do.

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