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How to Layer Necklaces - Stylist Guide

Stylist Guide of How to Layer Necklaces Like a Pro

Layered necklaces are a creative and cool way to make your jewellery lively and radiant no matter the occasion. Being able to layer your necklaces to create unique combinations is fun and it looks becoming on any outfit. Little wonder why stacking necklaces trends every time. Wearing multiple pieces in different mix of combinations lets you enjoy more of your jewelleries collection; and who would not love that?

There are many tips and ways to achieve your desired look for a fashionista like layered necklace look. Layered necklaces are easy to combine like a pro because it comes in so many colours, textures, lengths or designs.

The following are the ways to styling a layered necklace:

Create a Collar Effect

 A creative way of styling a layered necklace is by the use of coloured gemstones. A collar effect can be created by combining your pendant necklace with a beaded short necklace or choker. It is a refined way to decorate the décolletage

Layered lengths can also be achieved by accessorizing your freshwater pearl necklace. It is a timeless elegance with a modern twist. 

Here is a suggestion to pair this crystal necklace for women with double layer necklace to create 3 layers of gold necklaces.

Crystal Necklace for Women
double layer gold necklace

Show Some Diamond Details:

Dainty necklaces with larger pendant are effective for accentuating the individuality of a person. Stack your jewelleries box with elegant necklaces. Nothing is more timeless than a sneak peek of white diamonds decorating a neckline. Wearing a dainty necklace gives you an “out-of-the-box” style. To master the art of wearing layered necklaces like a professional, simply add a dainty necklace and trust me, you will look great.

Example of dainty necklace with a clear stone:

dainty necklace with clear stone

Use the Delicate Pendant Necklace 

When the season that demands you layering everything is around the corner, try combining a relaxed sweater with different pendant necklaces. It is a great way to make your outfits livelier. It makes you look comfy, and modern. During cold weather, layering delicate necklaces is more fashionable than layered chunky necklaces. If you want a discreet look, it is simply best to layer up a couple of dainty necklaces.


snow flake necklace in rose gold
Crown pendant necklace in rose gold

Create That Chic Look with Lariat Necklace 

The Lariat necklace is one necklace which ensures versatility. Literally, these necklaces are adaptable to any style. When Lariat necklaces are styled with an outfit, they give a very chic look. Lariat necklaces can be layered with dainty necklace or choker for an up-to-the-minute look. Lariat necklaces are suitable for V-neck tops. The best way to layer these necklaces is with a short or fine chained necklace. You can try layering them with other lariat necklaces of the same family. Despite being a great option for accompanying an “everyday casual”, layering lariat necklaces is but a fashionable style.

Red Lariat Necklace

Recreate an Original Style by Combining Oldies with Newbies 

Yes, we are speaking about combining old-fashioned jewelleries with your new pieces. It may seem weird and all, but trust us, you’re perfectly free to revive those old necklaces by combining them with your old pieces. It will create some original style you would not expect.

Combination of old pieces with your new ones is a great idea because you can easily create a unique design on a budget.

sterling silver cubic zirconia necklace

Pendant Stacking

During cold weather, one of the best ways to make an outfit interesting and fashionable is by wearing a gorgeously curated stack of layered necklaces. Artful details like this can add definition to a plain jumper. Also, you can wear modifiable chains to create an illusion of pattern on an unembellished garment. Going for the same pendant size by size is a modernised way to style for Bohemian charm.

Your look can also graduate to a style of different pendant heights for fashion-forward aesthetics.


Silver elephant necklace

Use an Already Layered Necklace to Create an Effortlessly Casual Outfit 

One sure way to make your casual outfit stand out is to add an already layered necklace to your collection. To be sincere, layering jewelleries and styling actually takes a lot of time. We have busy lives! This is the reason why an already layered necklace is a great alternative to put your look together in a matter of seconds.


layered seashell necklace

Create a Unique Style by Personalizing Layered Necklaces

Another way to style layered necklaces is by personalizing them. You can always acquire a necklace with round pendants that are inscribed to make your look truly individualistic.

Unisex Inspirational Necklace

We hope this journey had been an interesting one for you. With these tips, you can create, design style, and revive your outfit by combining a couple of your favourite necklaces. Master the art of layering necklaces, and you will truly design some distinctive looks.

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