Men's Lava Stone Bracelets

Men's Lava Stone Bracelets

If your life is a hot mess, maybe you need something hotter to fix it. I’m talking about men's lava stone bracelets and jewelry. Not only is it a product of searing, molten lava, with fantastic metaphysical and healing properties, but wearing the gorgeous jewelry will be sure turn you into a scorcher yourself.

Lava stone bracelets and other kinds of lava jewelry are made from the stone beads that we acquire from volcanic eruptions. But before we get to the interesting part, let’s cover three basic aspects.

  1. How do lava stones look?

Earthly yet elegant, lava beads have a unique charm.

  • They can be found in three colors, black, brown and grey. However, dying the stones has become a popular trend, resulting in a range of other colors.
  • Lava stones are also rough in texture, which is why they are treated with paraffin wax to make them smooth before being used to make bracelets.
  • Due to their porous nature, lava stones are light in weight. This makes them convenient and comfortable to wear. The holes and bubbles also mean that they are easily threaded.
  • They can be found in several shapes, the most common of which are rounds, ovals, slices, disks, roundels, teardrops and saucers.


  1. What are lavarocks made of?

Lava. Specifically, basalt, a type of igneous rock, which is formed during the eruption of a volcano.

  1. How are lava stones formed?

The high temperature and pressure beneath the surface of an active volcano causes the rock to melt. During the eruption, this molten rock becomes exposed to the cool atmosphere and begins to solidify. As a result, stone beads are formed.


Now onto the fun part.

Metaphysical Properties of Men's Lava Stone Bracelets

According to metaphysical gemstone and crystal healing experts, due to its physical properties, lava in a solid state has special significance:

  • It gives people courage, strength, endurance and stability during rough times.
  • It has the ability to diminish negative personality traits such as anger and envy.
  • Wearing lava bracelets also enables you to improve and acquire better traits, giving you guidance, clarity and hope in adversity.
  • Lava is a symbol of fertility and therefore helps with infertility and poor libido.
  • As it comes from the earth, it can keep you grounded, it strengthens your connection with the planet, and it provides protection.

It is for all of these mystical properties that lava jewelry is said to have been worn by American Indians before they went into battle, and it is still popular in jewelry to this day.

Quick tip:

If you want to find out if the beads on your bracelet are genuine, and not man-made fakes, you can carry out a simple test. Just boil some water and drop the beads in.

The lava beads from which bracelets are made are extremely versatile due to the above mentioned physical properties and their appearance. They can thus be used to make numerous mesmerizing creations in terms of jewelry – necklaces, craft pins, earrings, anklets, rings, brooches and pendants – the possibilities are endless.


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