10 Fantastic Ways to Style Sterling Silver Rings for Women

10 Fantastic Ways to Style Sterling Silver Rings for Women

Have you ever wondered why silver rings always stand out to give you a perfect touch of class and class? It’s for a good reason; silver jewelry is timeless. Silver rings for women are classic pieces that complement almost every look. Its versatility makes it a choice piece from generation to generation.

Because they are such versatile pieces, you could easily wonder which the pick of the bunch is. Now that you're here, that shouldn't be a problem for you anymore. With silver rings, there’s an avalanche of styles to rock. Here are ten fantastic ways to style your sterling silver rings for a spectacular signature style.

silver ring with heart charm studded with zirconia stones

Try Block Colors

Try incorporating block-colored outfits into your style to make your statement silver rings pop. How about combining white, black, and grey? Obvious choices, yea? Each of these colors gives your style a classy and universal aura while complementing your silver rings. You should try block colors if you're all for bulky rings. These colors make your ring stand out without taking the spotlight.

Now, don't you dare think of stopping at the basics. There's an avalanche of other colors that you can try. Dark navy or royal blue, purple, or burgundy colors are good with silver.

sterling silver ring for women with crowns pattern

Think Patterns

Hope you aren’t asking why, because why not? Silver rings are classics, but so are patterns. Do you now see why/how this two will blend perfectly?

To pair with bold or complex patterns, choose simple jewelry. A classic dainty silver ring is your best shot at making a glittery statement without straining the eye.

stacked silver ring for women

Dare to Stack

There's nothing funky about playing safe. Stacked rings are an excellent way to show your funky sides while exhibiting versatility.

You may decide to buy pre-stacked pieces to save you the stress. However, you can pair a flat-edged ring with others of the same category. You may also twist single stoned rings atop each other to do the magic.

You don't want your style to be overkill so try not to overload a finger with many statement pieces. Choose a ring to make the statement with others complementing it to make a perfect stack.



Blend With Other Silver Pieces

This is definitely a no-brainer. Make sure that your sterling silver rings match with other silver jewelry. Bracelets, earrings, or necklaces should blend with your rings for a coordinated look.

As always, keep it simple; don’t crowd yourself with statement pieces. Choose simpler rings if your necklace is the spectacle and vice versa.

silver leather layered bracelet

Leather? Yes!

You can never go wrong with tan leather and suede. They are perfect complements to your silver jewelry. They are also a good bet to give your plain outfit a touch of class.

Contrast both elements by combining silver rings with leather cuffs. Consider leather jackets, belts, and bags as the best backdrop for the right pop.

gold angel pendant necklace

Yes to Gold Pieces

Gone are the days when we cringed at a combination of silver and gold. It’s 2022; flout that convention by exploring a mix of gold and silver today.

Mixing this two will give you an "I'm in charge of my world" aura. How about making a clearer statement by stacking both on your middle finger?

silver promise ring for women

Don’t Overload Your Fingers

Less is always more, especially when it comes to complicated, thick, or statement pieces.

One ring per finger is always the way to go, especially when styling cocktail pieces. You can explore more with a casual daytime look but try to keep it minimal. Put two rings on one hand and three on the other.

evil eye silver ring

Combine Odds and Evens

It's crucial to balance your rings on both hands with an even/odd pattern.

If you have adorned your ring and forefinger on your left hand, try thumb, middle, and/or pinky fingers on the other. Pay attention to the type of rings you have on both hands. Don’t crowd one hand with statement or chunky pieces, then leave the other bland with simple rings.

circle of love silver ring for women

Be Mindful of Your Nails

Statement or chunky rings will always draw attention to your hands, so ensure that your nails and cuticles are well-groomed. Well-manicured nails will give your silver rings the ideal backdrop.

As usual, dare to dare. Explore with colors by matching your rings with dark nail shades like black, deep purple, or go bright with red. This is an excellent way to complement your knuckle ring.

Remember that daring doesn’t mean overreaching. Stick to shades of grey, white, red, and black for statement pieces.

silver ring for women engagement

Mind Your Bag

You should always be mindful of how you place your hands or what you hold when wearing silver rings.

For an evening event, you have to pay attention to the style and color of your evening clutch. The most beautiful ring could look gaudy when paired with a bright yellow clutch.

Although you'd hold casual bags and purses less often, they'll still attract attention. Consider pairing your silver rings with a light tan leather purse or bag to achieve a casual but chick effect.

silver ring for anniversary

Be Creative with Your Silver Rings

It's okay to be a non-conformist when it comes to styling. Jewelry styling is an art, so don't be afraid to stay creative by breaking the rules. Rules are meant to be broken anyway. All that matters is that you can carry your unique style with poise and confidence.

The advantages of silver rings are limitless. Explore the goodness of these timeless pieces without fear. Pray tell, wouldn’t you rather stay chick and classy with silver?

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