The Symbols Behind Charm Bracelets for Women

The Symbols Behind Charm Bracelets for Women

Charm Bracelets for Women in History

If you are a lover of charm bracelets for women, you know how good it feels to have one on your wrist. Oh, my God! That good feeling it brings. You sure know how it feels to add that new special charm to your bracelet.

For starters, charms mean various things to different people. It may symbolize a special memory, celebration, or achievement. With the world as a global village, it is easier than ever to find charms that define who we are as individuals. They make such a great conversation starter.

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You can share bracelet charms. Sharing a charm bracelet with a loved one or a family member is a great way to add memories and even create more! But the first question here is: How do you go about starting a charm bracelet? 

But before we move on, let us take a sneak peep into the history behinds charms:

Charms were first recorded being worn around 700BC. It might be even older than that, as there were more charms that people made from animal bones, shells and even stones. Historically, people wore charms to protect the wearer from evil. They also associated amulets and pendants with magic.

Later, cultures began permitting the use of these charms as everyday fashion pieces. The Egyptians used charms in their jewelry. We still see much of these charms today with the Eye of Horus engraving. People used these charms and bracelets to protect those who were heading into the afterlife.

It is no surprise that even kings and queens began using charms and amulets as adornments.

Similar to the tradition of historical culture, people in the Middle Ages also wore charms to keep the wearer from their adversaries.

Twisted Wire Gold Bangle- Tree of Life Charm

Tree of life bangle

Victoria Era Charms

By the Victorian era, Queen Victoria had a glorious charm collection. She made a big collection of gold charm bangles for women. She used her charms to hold locks of her hair and precious photographs. The collection had charms of different types; glass beads, watch chains and even necklaces.

This trend spread like wildfire throughout Europe and the British Empire. It was in 1889 that Tiffany & Co launched a chain link that had a single heart pendant.

Naturally, diamonds and metals brought a new level of wearing charms and pendants as fashion evolved.

The Modern Era for Charms:

Starting from the 1950s, girls and young women who were celebrating special moments in their lives received charms as gifts. Most girls received charms on their 16th and 18th birthday. Also, charms started becoming gifts to celebrate events from engagements to graduation.

Ever since 2002, charms have continually evolved. Several designs support this. For instance, you can now find a lot of charms in the style of beads. These beads can be gold, silver, and glass type materials. These charms came in different colors and designs to introduce a variety of choices.

Phew! What history.

How to Start Your Charm Bracelets Journey?

The first step in your journey of wearing your charm bracelets is to measure your wrist!! There are no two ways about that. The measurement depends on what bangle you want to purchase and to what extent you want that bracelet to fit.

  • For a smaller fit: add  ¼ to ½ inches to your measured wrist size.
  • For a loose-fitting: add 1 ¼ inch.

If you are planning on having a charm bracelet for women’s collection, be mindful of your budget. If you are happy with the one charm that is keeping you going, consider the bracelet you want to wear.

When selecting your bracelet, there are many things to put in mind. For example, the things you do daily and how it will affect the wearing of your bracelets. The flexibility of your bracelet is another factor to consider.

Types of Charm Bracelets

There are several types of women's charm bracelets Some of these include:

  1. Traditional Charm Bracelets: they are usually made from different types of sterling silver. It is such a great choice if you are looking for bracelets that have a lot of room to dangle.
  2. European Charm Bracelets they are much slimmer and have a plaited appearance. These types of bracelets are ideal if you are looking for something to wear day or night. These bracelets usually have specific charm beads that fit the bracelet. Nevertheless, they create a neat style that you can change with colored and decorative beads.
  3. Italian Charm Braceletsit has a flat and square appearance and plates that you can easily swap. It creates a unique and individualistic bracelet. It is perfect if you want to wear your bracelets daily. They are usually sleek on the wrist.

If you’re still unsure of the bracelet you want most, start by considering material types. Depending on your budget, you can choose from gold, silver, and other metals.


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