Top Jewelry Trends of 2022

Top Jewelry Trends of 2022

Hot Jewelry trend 2022

It was a year in which we saw some major political, economic, military, and cultural events take place. But of course, the most interesting events of 2022 are, by far, the top jewelry trends. Here are some of the most unique, stylish and exquisite developments that took place in the world of fashion, and what jewelry experts had to say about them.

  1. Stacking Rings

What began with the layering of clothes, especially in the Winter, quickly spread to the layering of jewelry. By wearing multiple, mismatched, unusual accessories on your hands, you can easily achieve a unique look and make your outfit exquisitely alluring.

However, while it looks chic and effortless, a little thought has to go into picking your rings to pull off the style. When stacking your rings, you want to pick colors that stick to a specific color scheme so that you don’t risk it becoming overwhelming. The only way to figure out good combinations of rings is to experiment with them. And while they may take some getting used to at first, it’s easy to fall in love with the sleek and sexy look and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

stacked ring



  1. Vintage Designs

As fashion trends generally do, older, classic styles have become popular once again; specifically the intricate designs of vintage jewelry. In fact, in 2022, thousands of couples opted to have their engagement and wedding rings custom designed by jewelers to emulate antique designs. With the timeless, artisan appeal of this style, it’s no surprise.

vintage style earrings



  1. Layering Necklaces

This was one of the most popular trends throughout the year. If chosen correctly, multiple chains can complement each other and your outfit perfectly, without getting tangled or looking cluttered. The key when choosing necklaces for this style, is to pick chains that are neither too chunky, nor too thin, and all different lengths. The great thing about this trend is that you can completely adjust it to suit your personality and the occasion, be it fancy or casual, and look like the embodiment of stylishness. I love the look of stacking necklaces. A woman wearing the perfect combination of stacking necklaces has a look about her that is fun, sleek, and stylish.

stacked necklace



  1. Arm Cuffs

Worn mainly in the Summer months, arm cuffs have become another fascinating jewelry trend. Worn alone, or layered like the rings and necklaces; around your wrist, or on your upper arm, these are great for achieving a lovely impression.

Cuff bracelet



  1. Rose Gold

Brides and fashionistas have finally begun embracing this pink-inspired gold on a larger scale; opting for it over white gold, platinum or yellow gold, and with its unique ability to play off yellow and white tones around it, it is completely deserving of the attention.

rose gold bracelet



  1. Ear Cuffs

First there was a single, modest piercing on the bottom lobe of the ear. Then people started getting more adventurous, with two or three, reaching up to the upper earlobe. And before we knew it ear cuffs had whirled onto the fashion scene. The exotic look that these brilliant pieces of jewelry bring, has proven to be simply irresistible. Ear cuffs can be found in a variety of colors, metals, stones and lengths. You can use them to dress up your casual wear or polish your look for a more glamorous event. The best part it - you don’t even need to have piercings to add these delightful trinkets to your outfit! Ear cuffs!  They let me explore many different earring combinations without needing extra piercings.

cuff earrings


As for me, my favorite jewelry trend for 2022 has to be statement jewelry, both the statement necklace and statement bracelet. I love how one piece of jewelry can change the whole feel of an outfit and easily puts the finishing touch on a look. My go to statement piece this year has to be a thick curb chain necklace, perfectly dresses up a jean and tee shirt and looks equally as great out at night.

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