Why You Should Wear Drop Earrings -and How to Wear Them

Why You Should Wear Drop Earrings -and How to Wear Them

Drop Earrings Styling Tips:

Drop earrings are the accessories that allow you to have versatility in your look that doesn’t come across as trying too hard. You can be casual, elegant, enhance your femininity or be street chic all with the sole inclusion of a drop earring. In doubt? Read the rest of this blog because we have taken the time out to highlight 7 ways in which you can dangly to drop dead fashionista. Get it? Drop, because we’re talking about dropped earrings? Don’t worry, we are better at fashion than puns anyway. 


Wear Drop earrings for work outfit

All work and no play makes Jill and her outfit a dull woman. Despite her busy schedule, Jill still wants to make sure she looks elegant but remains professional in her attire. The trick that Jill needs to master is not going to over the top with the earring she chooses. A tricky, but not impossible feat with the already larger earring. 

The solution is simpler than Jill might think. The beauty about drop earrings is that they are not a ‘one size fit all’ and by finding the work appropriate size, Jill can take her work outfit from drab to professional fab. 

Despite wanting to one-up your outfit, the venue (place of work) must always be considered. Jill doesn’t want to be in a meeting but has clients being distracted because her drop earrings are too distracting. On the flip side, her drop earrings can be the statement piece of her outfit if she chooses correctly. A solid coloured business power suit could benefit from a colourful drop earring that adds life the suit.

Elegant blue sapphire earrings for women

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Speaking of colourful dangle earrings

One of the quickest ways to add colour to your outfit is to wear an ostentatious drop earring. Now we know what you’re thinking, Ostentatious is ‘bad’ or tacky, but hear us out. 

Why is wearing a colourful drop earring that matches your outfit ostentatious? When we rock our seasonal outfits, we want to be seen, we want to look good and we want all of the compliments because they are deserved. In the same way that we match our bags to our outfits or our shoes, why is it so befuddling to match our earrings to our outfits?  Trust us, your invigorated style will thank you for it.


Feminine chic silver drop earrings

Paris is still considered the fashion capital of the world and it’s no secret that their women are known for their relaxed, feminine chic styled outfit. So much so that there is a category in fashion called ‘Parisian style.’ A quick search on Pinterest would yield results of the women in pleated skirts, a simple top and what else but a drop earring to complete the outfit.

Coincidentally, this is a trendy look going into summer and we already see many A-listers and beauty bloggers and influencers rocking this look. It pairs beautifully with a pair of gorgeous flats or loafers and of course adorable heels.

We have already fallen in love with this trendy style and have a personal bias for the sheer or layered tulle skirt look paired with a blazer or simple top and finished with a pair of dangly earrings.

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For the modern woman with Geometric style

A good multipurpose earring is a must-have staple in every woman’s jewelry box. With their ability to fit into more than one functional occasion, these are perfect for the woman who doesn’t want to fit into a stereotypical fashion box.

Their diverse shapes and designs make them one of the most fun out of all the drop earrings because they have the ability to combine well with whatever outfit you decide to throw together. Want to wear one to work? It’s appropriate. A special event? Matches perfectly. How about the mall? You guessed it, these geometric shaped drop earrings are a perfect fit.

A huge part of their versatility lies in the design. They can be as intricate as the wonders of the universe or as simple as the patterns on a leaf. Which makes them not restricted to match them to your outfits because they were designed to be the main attraction of your outfit.

Long Dangle Earrings for Women - Gold Tone


Street Fashion does not mean ‘dress down’

What it does mean your outfit is boho chic or urban fashion, completely different from the homeless look that some people confuse it to be. That being said, despite this looks signature ‘casual’ appeal, handmade drop earrings are the perfect way to add to this style.

The handmade blue stone drop earring is able to add pizzazz to your street style without overpowering it as you still want to maintain that casual, relaxed look. Despite our suggestion of handmade earrings, any other style of drop earrings would work with your outfit. Just be sure to take into consideration the colour of your outfit and the style.

Small hoop earrings for women

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Enhance your evening wear

If there is any other outfit that drop earrings are perfect for, it is for elegant evening wear. Formal wear at an upscale event with your hair in a chignon or down, the added elegance from the drop earring will certainly garner you a stare or two.

Femininity is enhanced with these earrings. Picture, floor-length gold dress, with your dangling matching drop earrings. Your look is that belonging on the red carpet rubbing shoulders with Hollywood’s A-listers.

Faux Pearl Gold Drop Earrings





Everyday style and wear

Finally, for those days that you don’t want to be ostentatious or overly chic or elegant, you can choose to wear a simple but by no means less fashionable, drop earring style. Despite being made for everyday wear, these silver tassel earrings still come with some cute designs that will attract the attention of others who will ask you where you got your purchased regardless of time or day.

Silver Tassel Earrings for Women - Long Tassel Earrings

Let’s face it, every woman have a time and place when they want to dress up and when they want to just grab an earring from their jewelry box and run to the grocer. Going to the grocer doesn’t mean you don’t want to look your best, you still do and the drop earring can take your outfit from plain Jane, to oh la la. The best parts about styling your outfits with drop earrings are that they are relatively inexpensive. Check out our website for more recommended drop earrings that fit into your particular style and preference.

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