Costume Jewelries

sterling silver evil eye adjustable ringsterling silver evil eye ring

Sterling Silver Evil Eye Ring

$67.99 USD $124.00 USD -45%
silver adjustable ringwomen diamond ring

Silver Zirconia Adjustable Ring for...

$57.99 USD $110.00 USD -47%
front back diamond earrings womenBlog-double sided earrings for women

Front Back Diamond Earrings for...

$47.99 USD $82.00 USD -41%
wrap leather bracelet for womenWomen wrap leather bracelet

Wrap Leather Bracelet for Women

$44.99 USD $77.00 USD -41%
silver bow necklace for women

Silver Bow Necklace for Women

$39.99 USD $62.00 USD -35%
adjustable-tennis-braceletadjustable tennis bracelet, slider tennis bracelet

Adjustable Tennis Slider Bracelet-Silver Tone

$39.99 USD $65.00 USD -38%

Single Pearl Necklace- Sterling Silver...

$51.99 USD $85.00 USD -38%
108 beads chakra bracelet, mala beads braceletmala beads chakra bracelet,

108 Beads 7 Chakra Bracelet-...

$42.99 USD $69.00 USD -37%
pearl-earrings-stud-sterling-silver, pearl earrings studpearl-earrings-stud-sterling-silver-women, pearl-earrings-stud-sterling-silver, pearl earrings stud

Pearl Stud Earrings in Sterling...

$44.99 USD $88.00 USD -48%

Natural Stone Bracelet-Lava Rock Bracelet...

$37.99 USD $55.00 USD -30%
semicolon-necklace-silver, semicolon charm necklacesemicolon-necklace-gold, semicolon charm necklace

Semicolon Necklace for Men or...

$37.99 USD $60.00 USD -36%
Citrine Bracelets-November Birthstone BraceletCitrine Bracelets-November Birthstone Bracelet for Women

Citrine Bracelets-November Birthstone Bracelet for...

$51.99 USD $80.00 USD -35%
women necklacewomen pendant

Pink Heart Pendant Necklace-Silver Tone...

$37.99 USD $55.00 USD -30%
sterling silver round pendant necklace womenminimalist necklace

Sterling Silver Chain With Zircon...

$41.99 USD $80.00 USD -47%

Designer Style Beaded Bracelet for...

$47.99 USD $70.00 USD -31%

Gold Hoop Earrings for Women-Gold...

$47.99 USD $80.00 USD -40%
red statement necklace for women red choker necklaceBlog-red crystal necklace

Red Crystal Necklace

$47.99 USD $69.00 USD -30%
red statement necklace choker collar women

Red Statement Necklace for Women

$47.99 USD $70.00 USD -31%
sterlin silver ankletsterling silver ankle bracelet

Sterling Silver Anklet for Women

$37.99 USD $55.00 USD -30%
inspirational bracelets|Semicolon Bracelet|Motivational Bracelets with sayingSemicolon Bracelet- Semicolon Charm Bracelet

Semicolon Bracelet- Semicolon Charm Bracelet

$39.99 USD $58.00 USD -31%

Family Tree of Life Pendant...

$47.99 USD $80.00 USD -40%
women white crystal chokerwomen white crystal choker

Rhinestone Choker-White Crystal Choker Necklace...

$39.99 USD $80.00 USD -50%
silver-nautical-necklace, Nautical Necklace with Anchor Pendant- Nautical JewelryNautical Necklace with Anchor Pendant- Nautical Jewelry

Nautical Necklace with Anchor Pendant-...

$67.99 USD $110.00 USD -38%
silver peridot necklaceSilver Peridot Necklace- August Birthstone Necklace

Silver Peridot Necklace- August Birthstone...

$47.99 USD $80.00 USD -40%
heart necklace red pendant platinumheart necklace heart necklace red pendant platinum

Heart Necklace- Red Heart Pendant...

$44.99 USD $75.00 USD -40%
Sterling silver pendant zirconiadiamond pendant necklace

Swarovski Heart Necklace in Sterling...

$44.99 USD $80.00 USD -43%
Crystal necklace for womenwomens gold necklace

Crystal Necklace for Women- Gold

$57.99 USD $95.00 USD -38%
faux-pearl-earrings-goldFaux Pearl Gold Drop Earrings for Women

Faux Pearl Gold Drop Earrings...

$41.99 USD $70.00 USD -40%
pendant-necklace-elegant-for-women-with-round-cz-diamondcircle pendant necklace

Pendant Circle Necklace - Cubic...

$41.99 USD $70.00 USD -40%
Ear Cuffs for Womenwomen ear cuffs clip-on

Ear Cuffs for Women

$41.99 USD $60.00 USD -30%

Black Earrings for Women- Black...

$41.99 USD $70.00 USD -40%
swarovski bee braceletCrystal Bee Charm Beaded Bracelet for Women- Gold

Crystal Bee Charm Beaded Bracelet...

$47.99 USD $70.00 USD -31%
angel wing cross necklacesangel-cross-necklace

Angel Wing Cross Necklace -...

$41.99 USD $65.00 USD -35%

Twist Three Knot Pendant Necklace

$41.99 USD $65.00 USD -35%
white-stone-crystal-zirconeziron-square stone

Square Cubic Zirconia Necklace in...

$47.99 USD $85.00 USD -43%

Cubic Zirconia Rose Gold Bracelet...

$37.99 USD $65.00 USD -41%
pearl choker, pearl necklace, pearl choker necklacefreshwater pearl necklace,pearl choker, pearl necklace, pearl choker necklace

Freshwater Pearl Necklace Choker for...

$57.99 USD $100.00 USD -42%
snowflake-pendant rose goldsnowflake-pendant

Snowflake Necklace for Women-Rose Gold...

$47.99 USD $98.00 USD -51%

Vintage Elephant Necklace for Women...

$39.99 USD $62.00 USD -35%
elephant necklace charm, platinum baby mom elephant necklaceelephant necklace charm, platinum baby mom elephant necklace

Mom and Baby Elephant Necklace

$49.99 USD $80.00 USD -37%
be brave inspirational necklacebrave happy necklace

Be Brave Inspirational Necklace- Unisex

$39.99 USD $60.00 USD -33%
crown-necklace-rose-gold, hip hop pendantsRose Gold Crown Pendant Necklace for Women

Rose Gold Crown Pendant Necklace...

$37.99 USD $65.00 USD -41%

Natural Stone Beads Macrame Bracelet

$35.99 USD $55.00 USD -34%
Purple Beads Bracelet- Paw Print Charms Braceletpaw print silver charm beads bracelet women

Purple Beads Bracelet- Paw Print...

$47.99 USD $75.00 USD -36%

Pink & White Beads Bracelet

$44.99 USD $65.00 USD -30%
Silver Heart Charm Bracelet for Womenwomen silver heart charm bracelet

Silver Heart Charm Bracelet for...

$42.99 USD $72.00 USD -40%
Charm Bracelet for Women- Gold Tone Charm Braceletcharm bracelet for women, gold heart beaded charm bracelet women

Gold Charm Bracelet for Women

$47.99 USD $95.00 USD -49%
mesh bracelet with charmsmesh bracelet for women

Mesh Bracelet -Love Charm Bracelets...

$57.99 USD $80.00 USD -27%
rose-gold-crystal-bracelet-for-women, stardust bracelet

Stardust Bracelet - Champagne Gold...

$51.99 USD $80.00 USD -35%
silver hoop earrings, serpenti bvlgari designer earringssilver hoop earrings, serpenti bvlgari designer earrings

Silver Hoop Earrings for Women

$77.99 USD $114.00 USD -31%

Shop Stylish Costume Jewelries for Women

Our gorgeous selection of women’s jewelry is perfect for any occasion. You can stand out from the crowd and adorn yourself with jewelry that matches your signature style! Our jewelry selection is designed, made and hand-crafted to match your style and personality. Our feminine & unique women's jewelry will bring that extra touch of magic to your outfits. From rings to necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, you'll find the latest vintage accents on every piece. Special touches like a sculptural clasp or an eye-catching stone help each one stand out.

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Women love to wear jewelry for its sleek, polished look. Our women's silver, gold, and rose gold pieces will take your look to the next level. With so many versatile jewelry pieces in a variety of styles, we have whatever you need! Clean lines and classic designs are just some of the characteristics of our women’s jewelry. They can be worn for a lifetime and never get old or get out of style.

Be a Fashion Icon with Trendy Jewelry for Women

A piece of jewelry is the perfect accent to enhance your style and highlight your personality. SureWayDM’s women’s jewelry is designed with you in mind, featuring statement necklaces, drop earrings, charm bracelets, ankle bracelets, engagement rings, and more. Our jewelry is made for every personality, so you can find pieces to match your signature style! We have designs for the bold and beautiful look, as well as those days when you just want something sweet and simple.

Stack your chain bracelets with cuffs and bangles of different metals. Add sleek dainty rings to express your style, or wear statement earrings to make a more dramatic statement. Get your wristwatch some love and pair it with some of our trendiest selections of women’s beaded bracelets! However you style our women’s jewelry pieces, we know you’ll make them look fabulous.

We have a range of earring styles, including studs, hoops and drop earrings. You'll find them in different shapes too - some as simple as studs, others with shapes like hearts or stars.

Our necklaces are designed to suit every style, from delicate pendants and chains designs to statement pieces. Rest assured, whatever you're looking for in jewelry, we have it covered at SureWayDM jewelry for women online boutique.

Our women's jewelry collection of rings for her features both engagement & cocktail rings. We offer several ring design options with our selections including statement pieces, skull rings for women Swarovski diamond rings and more.

Give your ankles a little fun flair with one of our sweet ankle bracelets for women. No matter the style, you're sure to find what you're looking for in our selection of silver and rose gold anklets. Our beaded anklets are a popular choice for beach vacations or through out warm days of summer.

We’re proud to offer jewelry for women online that can represent your elegant style and personal glam.

Buy fashion jewelry online for the perfect finishing touch to your outfit from SurewayDM Fashion Jewelry Store. Check out our products in Women ankle bracelets, Women's bracelets, Women Earrings, Women Necklaces, and Rings for Her sections. If clothes make up the building blocks of your wardrobe, fashion jewelry is the cherry on top, your secret sauce that makes you stand out from all the rest. If you wouldn’t set foot outside without shoes, you shouldn’t leave without putting at least one piece of fashion jewelry on either.

Whether you’re shopping online for jewelry such as a colorful pendant necklace or a classic charm bracelet, there’s always a way to incorporate some fashion jewelry into your look. Are you more of a city girl? Start by dressing in sophisticated urban black and let a rainbow hued, beaded necklace and equally dazzling earrings take pride of place on your outfit. If you’d rather something low key, opt for a rose gold crown necklace that adds whimsical flare with touch of sophistication at the same time, thanks to crystal details. Looking to buy jewelry online to make a statement at night? Don’t look past a radiant, shimmering crystal necklace that would make any outfit perfect for the red carpet. Pair them with a simple pair of pearl earrings to keep the focus where it needs to be—if you’re a feline lover, you’ll appreciate the subtle cat ear details too. Don't forget to check out our hamsa evil eye jewelry which is trending now. Don't forget to checkout our cross jewelry for women.

An easy and straightforward yet fun way to showcase your style, there’s no reason to not incorporate fashion jewelry in your wardrobe—especially when it’s so simple to buy jewelry online. No matter the outfit, there’s always room to add a charm bracelet, a vintage-inspired pendant necklace or show-stopping black tassel earrings. So what are you waiting for? Buy our fashion Jewelry that adds style and new zest to your outfit. Select beaded bracelets, charm bracelets, and pretty accessories to spice up your look. Beaded bracelets and charm bracelets are back from the past and they are here to stay. Whether it's a single statement dangler or a full-on cluster, it's a feminine addition we love. Trust us, beaded bracelets and charm bracelets are still the most popular jewelry purchased online.

Buying a Pandora bracelet is not an affordable luxury or a justifiable type of spending for many of us. Every now and then some celebrity photos pop on the net showing them wearing designer bead bracelets Celebrities such as Oprah, Cindy Crawford, Goldie Hawn, Jennifer Aniston, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Thelma Golden are just a few that wear them. However, celebrities afford the cost of wearing designer jewelry.

Artisan jewelry gives you the same look and elegance without paying too much. We all love the idea of looking like celebrities and follow some of their fashion sense. The gold and silver plated beads and charms are absolutely amazing and make exquisite pieces. They definitely give you the feeling of luxury, fashion and power without the high price tag. Stylish artisan beaded bracelets and charm bracelets are beautiful. They come with a big selection of vibrant colors and they are absolutely affordable. Check our selection of beaded bracelets and charm bracelets that you can buy to pamper yourself or give a way as a meaningful gift. Visit our Bracelets for Women Section here.

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