Couples Jewelry for Valentine’s Day – Gift Guide

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Couples Jewelry for Valentine’s Day – Gift Guide

No matter, how many days or months you are together, Valentine’s Day is still a special day for spending some romantic moments with each other. This is also that time of the year when you shower each other with gifts along with lots of love obviously.

For many, it is not only a special day but also a creative outburst as couples are always planning for what special things can be done, from much before. You, as a couple, might have spent a considerable amount of time thinking what can be done to make this day more memorable.

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The latest trend is to pick up jewellery, for the couple, which is similar to each other. Nowadays, specially manufactured couples jewellery are found in a jewellery shop, which is a unique way of showing your love for each other.

    • Couple’s Initials Inside A Heart: A body jewellery shop has various unique and customized heart-shaped pendants for you, bearing your initials in bold. The heart is the best way to show the deep connection, you share as a couple.
    • Heart Shaped Jewelry: Are you aware of the fact that that apart from heart-shaped pendants, you can also go for other pieces of jewellery, which are heart-shaped. There are rings and earrings also which can be worn by you, to manifest your love for each other.

    • Personalized Gold Name Pendants: The name pendants are a rage nowadays. You can visit any body jewellery shop and ask them to carve two name pendants for you. They can be customized with any other kind of shape, like hearts, stars etc. The font, design and style can be entirely customized by you.
    • A couple’s detachable heart pendant: The best and most loving way to express your love for each other is to gift each other with a couple’s pendant. Basically, this is a type of pendant which can be split into two parts, and each half can be worn by each partner. Often, boys do not prefer wearing much jewellery, but the design is such that they can wear it easily.
    • Initial Pendants: Couples, who prefer simplicity and sophistication, can go for the simple initial pendants. They are generally just a single letter pendant, with a nice design around it. These pendants are ideal for those couples who are not much hyped about pieces of jewellery.
    • King Queen Charm Bracelets: The next ideal thing, which you can buy for each other, is the King Queen Charm Bracelets. Also known as the crown charms, the shop will have a huge collection of these charms and you can just wear your beaded bracelet around your wrist.

  • Matching bands or rings for couples: This is another very popular gift, which you can buy for each other. These are nothing but a set of 2 matching rings, in such a way that both the rings have the same design and pattern. Both of you can wear them and stay unique in the crowd.

Valentine’s Day is a beautiful time to share some blissful time with each other and what another way to celebrate it than to visit a body jewellery shop and gift each other a beautiful piece of body jewellery.

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