Getting Inspired With Street Style Jewelry

Getting Inspired With Street Style Jewelry

Street Style Jewelry for Spring 2020

In a few months time, that season will be upon us again! That season that keeps us awake. That season that makes one lose sleep. Yes, the spring season. By now, most of us have started losing some sleep thinking about how to update our wardrobes for the warmer months ahead and be in line with the latest fashion with Street Style Jewelry. Refurbishing your jewellery collection can be one of the easiest, if not the stress-free way, to give your outfits refreshment. Keeping that in mind, we have updated a list to guide us in choosing what new jewelry pieces to add to our collections.

  • Pick a favourite piece: one of the ways to lighten up your wardrobe is by adding a gorgeous solo necklace to it. A gorgeous solo necklace has the opportunity to play a centre stage against a simple wardrobe. The elegance of finer jewels can add sophistication that is both on trendy and classic in unison.

pearl necklace angel wings

Check out our Pearl Necklace with Sterling Silver Angel Wings here

  • Layered necklaces: it may sound “old school” but a neck adorned with layered necklaces cannot be simply passed by. Why do we love the layered necklace especially the one adorned with gold? The jewels are mostly the same length, matching metals and perfect especially when it sits against a woven grey knit.

Checkout our layered necklace here

  • Chunky and fine jewellery combined: What girl does not have a chunky bracelet buried in her accessories reserve especially when they pair perfectly with your finer bracelets? Your individual personality can shine by either layering your finer bracelets against your favourite heavy bangles or your go-to watch.

chunky black necklaceCheck out this black statement necklace here

    • Wear the key jewellery for the season: the key jewellery for any season is a simple necklace you can wear daily. Remember, less is more. However, you don’t want to look dull. To have a little fun, have fun. Add something little extra to your outfits.

single pearl necklace
Check out this single pearl necklace in sterling silver here

  • The Beyond the Shoulder Duster: In preparing for the 2020 Spring street style jewelry, try to get the pendant earring. The pendant earring remains a jewellery box staple, however, it is to be maximized for spring 2020.

tassel earrings duster earringsCheckout these tassel earrings here

  • Wear dresses with builtin jewelry: it is no secret that the biggest and trending jewelry trend of the spring season has incorporated jewellery into clothing. Built-in jewelleries in outfits are the new trend. Jewelry is being incorporated into clothing in a decorative manner (embellishments as gems at Louis Vuitton) or structural.
  • Better add some anklets to that stash: yeah, it’s no longer tacky. The anklet has become a necessary accessory in the 21st Spring 2020 is not going to be any different. Get some anklets in order to inspire your style. Word of warning: Try your best to avoid anklets with bells. They are still unacceptable. However, you can wear a slightly chunky version.

beaded anklet, beaded ankle bracelets
Check out this fun beaded ankle bracelet here

  • The “Never out of season” jewellery: Yup, you guessed right. Hoops are never, ever, out of season. Be it winter, spring or summer, hoops just never get stale. But the big question is: How big can you go with hoops this season?

Get mesh hoop earring for women here

  • Get yourself a plastic: in case you missed the memo, plastic was huge this spring. Though not too certain, it might be just the best way to inspire your style these upcoming warm months and be inline with street style jewelry trends. However, do not just keep this trend to shoes and bags. Better take it all the way to your ears.
  • Do not forget the bangles: this guide cannot be complete without adding bracelets. Wearing bracelets is one accessorizing that will make you establish a fashion statement these upcoming warm months. Do not wear ordinary bracelets alone. Wear bracelets meant for layering such as Herringbone Chain Bracelet.

infinity silcer braceletCheck out this infinity silver slider bracelet here

  • Use Florals: The importance of florals in beautifying things around us cannot be overemphasized. Recently, florals have been adopted in decorating our bodies. One floral you can add to spice up your wardrobe is the vintage-inspired enamel florals. Similar to a beautiful vine, bold and vintage-style florals can decorate our ears, inch across headscarves and even wrap around wrists and


Check out this black flower earring here