Hottest Jewelry Trends of 2018

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Hottest Jewelry Trends of 2018

Hottest Jewelry Trends of 2018

Fashion, if you haven’t realized by now, is cyclical. Remember those bell bottoms of the 1970s that made a reappearance in the early 2000s? Everyone had a pair; safe to say, you should hang on to yours, because it will be back. Here’s the thing, it is not just fashion that is cyclical-so is jewelry. Think about it-crystal chokers, anklet bracelets, those large hoop earrings that made you feel like you were making a fashion statement and even midi rings. Yes, midi rings have been around for quite some time, popping in and out of fashion as the season demanded. Of course, if you are a jewelry lover, you want to keep abreast on the latest trends that are popular for each year, and with the start of 2018, this is no different. Luckily, we went about and dug up all the trends that will be the “in” thing this year, so you didn’t have.


Ear: Statement Earrings

Quick question; What the best way to instantly add flair to your boring outfit? Statement earrings of course! Beyonce wore them at the Grammys, Rihanna and several other celebs have been spotted wearing them. You know what I’m talking about. Those earrings that give you the feeling of a chandelier made specifically for your ears. Or the ones that were designed to sit on your shoulders. The best part about all these huge earrings is that they won’t be weighty on your ear, so rest assured, your lobes won’t be stretched beyond repair. Each earring is lightweight and designed to be gravity friendly, so you can dangle away with different earrings for your mood or your personality. Whether you want to rock out as a bold and daring diva or set the trend being the fashionista you are. Check out this pair of tassel earrings here


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Ear: Asymmetrical Hoops

How trendy is wearing a sun in one ear and the moon in the next? Much more adventurous than having a sun in both ears-it is also pretty boring. Mix and matching earrings are among the hottest jewelry trend of 2018 and one that you will have fun being onboard with. You can even mix and match with pairs you buy that may be the same. Just have fun with putting your own twist on it. After all, you have an assortment to choose from. Whether it be that you choose to wear a hoop in your left ear and a stud in the right. Check out our new style of asymmetric earrings here

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Foot: Ankle Bracelets

Unsurprisingly, many people associate anklets with ancient Egypt, however, the Hellenistic period of Greek, is where the first ankle was first worn. That was around the 4th or 5th century BC-the same period as Alexander the Great. Wearing an anklet during this time was a symbol of wealth and high-class society, with women and men adorning their ankles with heavy gold jewelry. In 2018, the reason for wearing the anklet is simply, because it is fashionable and want to look like our favourite celebs. It helps that it is almost summer and that means-wearing your favorite pair of shorts so your anklet can be visible to all. Of course the more elaborate the better, but for those who prefer a more delicate attraction, there are smaller chains that can be personalized with a pendant of your choice. Checkout our Ankle bracelets here



Neck: Layered Necklaces

Just like a cake is better enjoyed in more than one layers, so too are our jewelry. While chokers were fun last year, this is 2018, and what makes chokers more enjoyable this year than they did last? That’s right, layers. The more popular ones have three layers with the smallest being the choker necklace, followed by two pieces that gradually become longer the more outward they get. For the more hippie or “wildling” at heart, you can extend the necklace down as many layers as will satisfy your extravagant jewelry passion. If adding layers to your necklace was not appealing as is, you can even add pendants or charms to your necklace to make your jewelry stand out even more boldly. Shop our multi layer chain necklace here:


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Fingers: Midi Rings

Rings! Gold, sterling silver, large or small! You can never have to much, especially when some rest on the middle areas of your fingers giving you a grunge/hippie cool look of the 1960s where many persons were wearing rings and other jewelry. Of course, if you’re into palmistry, then you would know that wearing a ring on each handhold different meanings, for example. If you wear a pink ring, you are considered to be an intelligent person. Likewise there are different meanings for the rest of the fingers, however, midi rings make no serious statement except high fashion fun and that you are a trendy person who is very up to date with the latest 2018 jewelry. Shop our rings for her here

Now it’s your turn! What are you planning to buy to follow 2018 jewelry trend?