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Are Cheap Engagement Rings OK?

Do you know that an old marketing campaign is behind the "A diamond is forever" slogan? Most times, buying an expensive engagement ring means the man would get a loan to get the purchase price. Debts can start the union of a man and a woman in the wrong way. Men, please take note of the following five reasons you should opt for a cheap engagement ring.

The Start of the Diamond Engagement Ring Hype

Before we talk about the reasons why you should get a cheaper engagement ring, lets talk about who started the diamond engagement rings hype.  De Beers was at the forefront of the marketing campaigns that sought to create the parallels between a diamond and love. He tried to convince people that diamonds are the only stones for an engagement ring and the only way to complete a proper proposal and start a marriage. He encouraged the belief that diamonds were an excellent financial investment that would hold their worth. He implied that diamonds are a rare commodity that is not widely available and, therefore, a luxury item. The diamond engagement ring is a marketing campaign that has been running since the 1930s. They were highly effective campaigns and have convinced most people that the only engagement ring worth it is a diamond ring. Since then, people have ruled that the ring price should cost three times the person's monthly salary who is purchasing it. Buying cheap engagement rings seemed taboo. Everyone accepted the expensive ring concept.

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Expensive Engagement Rings are Not a Good Investment

Men always felt obliged to buy diamond rings to express their love for their girlfriends, but do you know how much it costs? A diamond ring generally costs thousands of dollars, and it is not a good investment. In truth, diamonds depreciate by over half of their value once out of the jeweler store. They are unlikely ever to get that value back. In addition, diamonds are not rare because they are one of the most common gemstones. These aspects of their value suggest that their actual value and importance are based on marketing and advertising.

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Cheap Engagement Rings Means Strong Start for Your Marriage

 One of the top causes of divorce is disagreements or problems with money, debt being a huge concern in many marriages. When a man spends more money on an engagement ring, there is no correlation to a higher success rate for the wedding itself. Some studies have shown the opposite may be true. There were many researches and studies that concluded that a more expensive ring is not a guarantee for an ever lasting marriage. More details can be found in article published on NBC News website. You can read it here.

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Cheap Engagement Rings Can Be Affordable and Beautiful

Many people are interested in knowing how to buy cheap engagement rings that still look beautiful. Several diamond alternatives and other gems can be beautiful as well as affordable without losing quality. One option is to pass down rings through the family, as vintage rings may have better value than newer ones. They have an emotional attachment to the family. Another is to select a lab-created diamond or select a different stone. Sapphires, rubies and emeralds look beautiful on engagement rings, and you can buy them at many price points.


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Engagement Rings With Cheaper Options

Selecting a gold-plated band that is an alternative to solid gold can also lower the cost of a ring. Several other affordable metals, such as rhodium-plated silver, or titanium, will not react with the skin or tarnish. These metals could last years without losing any of their beauty. Switching out the metal on the band or the stone does not detract from the beauty of a ring, and they can be comparable to any diamond engagement ring.

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Start Your Marriage Off on the Right Foot

Select your wedding and engagement rings based upon what will fit your budget comfortably and fit the person's personality who will wear them. Cheap engagement rings will have no impact on

the success or failure of a marriage. Your proposal ring does not need to be a diamond, or solid gold, to show the love or connection that forms the basis for a long-lasting marriage.

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